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Blog: Learn About Our Passion for Great Spaces
Father and son painting a fence

How to Prepare Your Fencing for Pets and Kids This Summer

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to assess your house exterior for damages brought forth by winter’s wrath and prepare your outdoor spaces ..

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Newly painted home's exterior

How to Protect Your Landscaping During Exterior Painting Projects

Painting your home’s exterior is a great way to revitalize its appearance and protect its surfaces. However, your property’s outward appearance consis..

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Deck being stained in Tennessee

Is It Better to Brush or Roll Stain My Deck?

Regardless of the nature of a given residential exterior painting project, many of the same questions come up: “What will it cost?” “How long will it ..

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Dog smiling in an animal shelter

Tips for Safely Painting Your Animal Shelter

Safety should always come first for any residential or commercial painting project. When it comes to painting properties that shelter animals, however..

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Refinished door in Franklin, Tennessee

How a Simple Door Refinish Can Make an Old Home New Again

In our previous blog, “Repairs to Look for in Your New Fixer Upper,” we mentioned that an outdated, deteriorating front door can keep an older home in..

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Top 7 Ways to Make Your Business's Entrance More Enticing

Simply acquiring more foot traffic doesn’t guarantee an increase in sales, but it greatly boosts your odds. If you want to enhance those chances even ..

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