2016 Paint Color Trends

calander Jul 13 , 2016 user-icon Nash Painting

Getting ready to paint your house? Do your research to find the best possible color combinations and trends. Several major paint companies have released their 2016 color forecasts. Here, we feature some of our favorites.

High Contrast

The dining room is experiencing a revival. With many people now opting to stay at home to cook and entertain, there is a need for spaces that activate the senses. This is why Behr has introduced its High Contrast color palette. Playful colors, textures, and patterns help guests stay entertained and excited throughout the dinner party.

Dark colors help to create the illusion of depth, while brilliant pops of tropical color envelop the room in an adventurous style. Colors to use in high contrast spaces include Black Pearl, Pagoda, Emperor’s Silk and Galapagos, and Canary Diamond.

Luxe Dimension

Home offices have gotten a bit of an update as well. The traditional boring home office is revitalized with strong color, gold detailing, and geometric patterns.

Behr’s Luxe Dimension uses bright and dark colors to catch the eye, while neutral tones with gold and sapphire make the room radiate. Use colors such as Penthouse View, Coralette, Fifth Olive-Neu, Citronne, and Blue Vortex to achieve this look.

Pura Vida

This new paint collection from Sherwin Williams reminds us to live well, be well, and stay well—all essential elements to creating an unplugged space. It uses inspiration from natural materials, such as honed and sheer. The colors provide a sense of orderliness, helping us to make memories and savor the moment.

Colors in this collection include Ramie, Ancient Marble, Alabaster, Unfussy Beige, Doeskin, Wool Skein, Neutral Ground, Useful Grey, and Grey Area.

Más Amor Por Favor

Another one by Sherwin Williams, Más Amor Por Favor, is a color palette driven by social engagement and social media. As we continue to come together in intimate gatherings, garden parties, and outdoor weddings, this palette helps to connect generations with dashing greens and cheeky pinks. It is crisply modern and soulfully vintage.

Colors in this collection include Different Gold, Kind Green, Tansy Green, Friendly Yellow, Memorable Rose, Memorable Rose, Van Dyke Brown, Charming Pink and Juneberry.


The biggest consistency in these color forecasts is technology and the need to create spaces and environments to unplug and savor the moments. In addition, many colors have yellow/green undertones, showing that we are moving toward warmer colors.

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