2021 Nashville, TN Paint Trends

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The start of a brand new year offers a prime opportunity to assess the condition and aesthetics of your property. You may be perfectly happy with the way your home or business looks, or you might wish to make some modern changes. If you’re looking to leave the past behind and enter 2021 with a fresh start, it helps to have some direction. You might already have some ideas regarding paint colors, finishes, and decor, but knowing which design choices are currently trending in your area can help affirm or adjust your decisions and/or generate new and exciting ideas.

Top Paint Trends for Nashville in 2021

Music City Motifs Are Always in Style

Nashville is best known for its music -- it’s also known for its style. From its fashion to its architectural design, Nashville delivers a certain rustic charm that’s hard to ignore. This isn’t to say that modern Nashville paint trends are gaudy or anything. On the contrary, a solid Music City color scheme is simultaneously grounded and confident. One look at PPG’s Nashville Paint Color Collection proves this easily. On the less-saturated end, you’ll find mixes of beige and grey (Great Gray and Deconstruction), various off-whites, chalky gray-black tones, and more. The more colorful options (i.e. Ruby Lips, Tiger Tail, and Forsythia Blossom, Lime Green) capture attention without overwhelming the eye, deftly riding the line of saturation. And then, numerous earthy and clay-like colors round out this collection, reminiscent of old wood, worn leather, and the great outdoors.

The Nashville Paint Color Collection described above is merely one brand’s take on the city and its atmosphere. That said, this scheme serves as a strong, timeless basis for painting your Nashville property. These paint trends aren’t limited to 2021, but they’re still in style.

Light, Muted, Colorful Schemes for a More Comfortable Interior

Last year (2020) was undoubtedly gloomy for the most part. Turning the page to 2021 won’t magically make things better, but plenty of people are taking a more positive outlook for this new year, and some of the latest paint trends appear to reflect this sunny sentiment. If you’re struggling with how to select house paint colors for your home interior, take a look at Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Color Trends. This year, they chose Aegean Teal as their Color of the Year. Unlike so many other shades of blue, this tone has a warm quality to it, especially when contrasted with some of the other colors in Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Palette, such as the yellowish-beige Chestertown Buff. The other colors in this palette share this cozy, muted, yet vibrant aura; Amazon Mauve is a deep mauve that works well against earthy tones, green plant life, and the various shades of white in this palette (i.e. Muslin, Foggy Morning, and Atrium White); Rosy Peach is a rich beautiful blend of brown, orange, and salmon that delivers just enough color while maintaining an earthy feel.

There is much more to explore in this particular palette and its many combinations. Ultimately, though, Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Colors exemplify the types of interior painting trends currently dominating the scene in Nashville, TN and elsewhere. It seems that people want to brighten up their homes while remaining grounded.

Blues Retain Their Reputation

Aegean Teal might be Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2021, but it’s certainly not the only type of blue currently trending. Indeed, as we’ve discussed before, various shades of blue have been gaining popularity in home interior painting for the past several years. In 2021, this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Sherwin-Williams’ 2021 Colormix® Forecast features a number of blues across the spectrum: there’s Perfect Periwinkle and Aleutian in the Tapestry collection, Swimming (a light option), Commodore (darker), and Great Falls (a greenish-blue) in the Continuum series, and Naval (charcoal blue) and Blustery Sky (dark grey-blue) in their Encounter palette. Each of these shades of blue open different portals of design possibility. The bottom line, however, is that all types of blue are here to stay, so it’s worth considering how different types of blue might look in different rooms of your property this year.

Getting Down to Earth in 2021

We’ve already briefly gone over the prominence of earth tones in the realm of 2021 paint trends, but it’s worth emphasizing this point. When painting walls and ceilings, more and more property owners are going with more natural colors in the families of red, brown, and beige. Benjamin Moore’s Potters Clay, Sherwin-Williams’ Reddened Earth, and PPG’s Blaze are just a tiny sampling that proves the rule. As for why these tones are trending in 2021, it’s hard to say. Regardless of the reason, there’s no doubt these colors have a near-universal appeal while also contrasting well with natural decor (i.e. plant life).

Subtle, Light, Neutral Exteriors

This discussion of 2021 Nashville paint trends has mainly revolved around interior spaces so far. Indeed, interior painting trends tend to shift more rapidly than exterior painting trends, perhaps because it takes more effort to update a property’s outside than to refresh a room. Whatever the case, it’s important to go over what’s trending with exteriors in 2021 as well. Generally speaking, it seems that many homeowners are turning away from more flashy, colorful exteriors and leaning toward subtler, lighter tones. In 2021 and beyond you’re bound to see plenty of off-white, beige, and gray homes from the curb. This isn’t to say you won’t also encounter some exceptions (i.e. darker grey/black exteriors), of course. Whether an exterior is lighter or darker, though, you’re bound to notice prominent accents -- trim, garage/front doors, and windows will typically boast a contrasting color to make the exterior pop that much more.

Two-Tone Exteriors Take 2021 to the Next Level

Speaking of contrast, the final 2021 paint trend we’ll discuss here involves choosing two distinct colors for a property’s exterior. This visual division is often done to create a sense of separation between portions of the property (i.e. different floors of a split-level or different sections of a ranch). Local residential painters will tell you that this design choice is more expensive and time-consuming, but it can increase your property value and curb appeal when done well.

Onward to 2021 and New Paint Trends

No one knows what this new year will hold. Why not take 2021 into your own hands with a fresh coat of paint? The trends mentioned here simply serve as a foundation for you as you consider how you wish to enter this new chapter. If you’re looking for more insight and advice on paint colors and design choices, the experts at Nash Painting are here to help. We’ve transformed countless homes and businesses around Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!

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