4 Great Ideas For Painting Your Kitchen

calander Aug 15 , 2017 user-icon Nash Painting

The modern American kitchen has been transformed into so much more than just a place for cooking. It’s also a place for eating, entertaining, laughing, and living. Between appliances, cookware, cabinets, tables, chairs, and counters, your kitchen is a space of both form and function, and it can be difficult to find the paint colors that fully reflect your lifestyle and your design tastes.

Here are 4 inspirational kitchen themes to get you started.

Rich Colors

Let’s start with a bang. Deep, expressive colors paired with a neutral, secondary background is a surefire way to make your kitchen stunning. These homeowners put a bold twist on the classic navy-with-white combo, making for a crisp yet full style.

Color: Farrow & Ball Estate Emulsion Pitch Blue 220; Source: HouseBeautiful

Alternatively, you could take a more monochromatic approach to deep color. These next homeowners opted for a “luxe” yet “everyday practical” tone, according to designer Andrew Howard, going with a bottomless gray-blue.

Color: Ralph Lauren Paint Artist Gray RLUL219; Source: HouseBeautiful

Minimalist Whites

Of course, the classic look for a kitchen is a prominently white palette. However, that doesn’t mean your decision is limited to eggshell, cream, or ivory! Take this kitchen, for example:

Photo by Cucina Bella Ltd. – Rebecca Gagne CKDDiscover kitchen design ideas

Colors: Dunn Edwards Silver Setting DE6359, Dunn Edwards Looking Glass DE6376.

What makes this kitchen so much better than garden variety white kitchens? It doesn’t just use something neutral, but rather employs different tones of one color. The doors lining the wall are a darker grey than the doors on the center island, yet both clearly fall within the same grayscale family of color. This adds depth and variety without using an assertive paint, if you prefer something on the restrained side. This next kitchen is very much in the same vein as the previous one. However, rather than using paint to get that variation, this kitchen uses stainless steel and a brilliant floor.

Color: Christopher Peacock Paint Mercury CPP1 18; Source: HouseBeautiful

Shallow Tones

Somewhere in between the first two categories lies this one. Making good use of both color and neutral hues, this type of kitchen combines the expressiveness of the first group with the minimalism of the second. Take a look at this kitchen, which revels in its espresso-colored cabinetry with white walls, marble, and cabinet interiors. As a result, the colored elements fade into the background while still having an bold impact on the room’s overall feeling.

Color: Benjamin Moore Midsummer Night 2134-20; Source: HouseBeautiful

This next kitchen follows largely the same technique, but uses a lighter color on the cabinetry for a brighter, more “Saturday morning” feel.

Color: Benjamin Moore Regal Classic Premium Hazy Skies OC-48; Source: HouseBeautiful

Accent Hues

Kitchens are another excellent part of the house to decorate using painted accents. In these cases, most of the kitchen is painted a neutral tone, with select elements colored with a vibrant and energetic paint. As designer Beverly Ellsley puts it, “The problem with kitchens is that there’s so much cabinetry, which, frankly, can be boring.” Ellsley leaned into that “boringness” by painting much of the cabinetry white while painting the lower cabinets a delightful red, giving the room a surprising pop.

Color: Glidden Premium Collection Red Geranium GLR06; Source: HouseBeautiful

In our final example you’ll see that there’s more color throughout the room, which makes for less of a stark contrast and for a more coherent tone. However, there’s an undeniable prominence to the orange cabinetry, a feature to which the viewer’s eyes are drawn. They stand out, yet gel marvelously with the rest of the room. Pay special attention to the insides of the cabinets, which are also painted with a bright color while the white dishes serve as additional accents.

Color: Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell Charlotte’s Locks 268; Source: HouseBeautiful

Coming up with the perfect paint scheme for your kitchen can be challenging. Thinking about painting your kitchen? Give us a call, we’d love to help you achieve your vision.