5 Benefits of Hiring a Small Painting Business to Paint Your Home

calander Dec 21 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

Our lexicon is full of contradictory sayings -- one might tell you that “bigger is better” and “go big or go home” in one scenario and that “less is more” or “big things come in small packages” in another. So, what’s the rule of thumb for hiring a residential painting service? As you conduct your search for the right contractor, you’ll be faced with large national painting companies, small local providers, and everything in between. And while any of these options might be right for you, there are a number of reasons to prioritize smaller businesses over bigger ones. Let’s explore five benefits of hiring a small painting business to paint your home.

Why to Hire a Small Business for Painting

1. More Is at Stake for Smaller Businesses

As crass as it might sound, you always want to maintain some leverage when hiring a home painting service, as this will empower you to better negotiate your terms. If you’re dealing with a national painting service, however, you won’t have much leverage to speak of -- instead, they’ll be the ones calling the shots. This isn’t to say that every larger painting service is unethical, of course. Rather, larger businesses are inherently less connected to communities they serve. Even those who work in a specific region must answer to those above them, who must in turn answer to someone at headquarters, and so on. Ultimately, this extensive chain of command makes these larger companies less reachable at a moment’s notice and less accountable overall. If the company botches a certain job, this one slip-up might not have much of an affect on the business overall, so managers and workers may become less incentivized to give it their all, especially for lower-profile projects.

Conversely, small painting businesses must consistently excel at their work in order to remain competitive in their community. Not only that, but smaller businesses also feature far less red tape when it comes to decision-making and general communication. As a result, these local companies are exceedingly accountable for their output and tend to be quicker to respond to questions and concerns. This gives you, the customer, much more leverage.

2. Keep Painting Costs Low

This aforementioned leverage allows you to get the best results for the best price. While not all local painters will offer the exact same estimate for your project, these prices will generally be lower than those offered by larger businesses. There are many reasons for this discrepancy. For one thing, regional markets largely decide the cost of painting services -- painting services will cost more in an area with a higher cost of living than those in a region with a lower cost of living. National painting companies must abide by these market forces to some degree, but not as strictly as smaller businesses. In order to compete with one another and maintain a solid reputation, these local painting companies cannot venture too far beyond the average cost of painting services for their specific region, even if they offer higher quality workmanship.

Market forces and the reputational concerns of smaller businesses aren’t the only factors that play into pricing, however -- so is overhead. The larger an enterprise becomes, the more overhead costs it has to deal with (i.e. multiple facilities, hundreds of employees, advanced marketing and advertising, etc.). In many cases, some of these additional costs make their way into the customer’s final bill. So, while it’s true that national painting services have more resources at their disposal than their local counterparts, you might not want (or need) to cover these premiums for the task at hand. A basic home painting project doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, nor should it.

3. Place a Finger on the Pulse of Local Trends

Smaller businesses aren’t just more accountable and cost-effective -- they’re also on the ground floor when it comes to local painting trends. By their nature, larger painting brands aren’t as likely to have this deeper understanding of these matters. If you’re struggling with how to select house paint colors for your home or looking to maximize your home’s value for sale, local painting companies will be more of an asset to you than national ones.

4. Get the Services You Need when You Need Them

There’s no doubt that the largest painting companies out there provide a number of services beyond simple interior or exterior home painting, such as repair work, light carpentry, pressure washing, and more. That said, plenty of smaller painters offer these same services, and better yet, they’re typically able to deliver these services at a more convenient time for the customer. Put another way, local painting businesses are often more flexible than national businesses when it comes to scheduling. As previously mentioned, smaller businesses are more accountable to their clientele, which means they must maintain an open line of communication. This increased level of communication allows your provider to gain a better understanding of your scheduling needs and adhere to them. Additionally, local painters are often in relatively close proximity to their customer base, so it won’t take too long for them to arrive when the time comes (national brands may yield a large service area, but this might still result in long trips for the nearest painters).

5. Bolster Your Local Economy

So far, the benefits of hiring a small painting business for your home have been mainly self-serving. As it would happen, though, keeping it local is also a great way to pay it forward. By working with a smaller, local company, you support their venture, their employees, their employees’ families, and so on. Put another way, supporting local businesses bolsters your community, keeping the flow of finances and services in close range. And ultimately, these communal benefits will wind up coming back to you. On the other hand, the money you spend hiring a national brand will mostly be funneled away from your community. If you find it worthwhile to invest in your community, then, consider hiring exterior or interior house painters just around the corner.

The Little Things in Life

Local painting companies might lack some of the accoutrements of larger, national brands, but they often excel in several key ways that benefit the customer and community alike. If you’re seeking an accountable painting partner that offers fair pricing, relevant local insights, flexible scheduling, and hires reliable workers in your neighborhood, hire a small painting business for your residential painting needs. At Nash Painting, we’re a proud small painting business serving clients in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!