5 Key Considerations to Make Before Hiring an Exterior House Painter

calander Feb 19 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

When it comes to little painting tasks around the house, you might prefer to tackle them on your own to save some money and flex your DIY muscles. That said, attempting to paint your home’s entire exterior may be pushing it. So, if you’re looking to touch up your home’s face in a timely manner with quality results, you’ll want to hire professional exterior house painters. But with so many painters in your area, who should you hire, exactly?

First off, don’t rush into things. You want to take the time to compare multiple candidates to find the best fit for your goals, needs, and budget. To help you narrow the field and find the best fit, here we’ll go over five key considerations to make before hiring an exterior house painter.

1. What’s in the Estimate?

The more estimates you can gather from various candidates, the better (especially if those estimates are free). This will help you not only compare prices but also see which services and specialties different contractors offer. For instance, one company might only specialize in exterior home painting while another might also offer repair work, power washing, refinishing services, and more. Also, as you compare estimates, prioritize the most thorough ones. Missing details or loose projections may indicate some hidden fees in your future.

2. Price Matters… But So Does Quality

If you’re under a tight budget like most homeowners, it can be tempting to give the contract to the lowest bidder. But while cost should be one of your top priorities, you must weigh it against quality. Exterior painting companies that undercut their competition often do so by cutting corners in various ways. They might not prepare surfaces properly before painting, use low-quality products, or deliver no guarantee for their work. In the end, you might end up with a bad quality paint job that needs to be reworked anyway. In this way, choosing the cheapest provider can be the most expensive outcome.

So, don’t just jump at the sight of a low price. Factor in the contractor’s track record, testimonials, products they use, quality control process, and guarantee structure, too.

3. Is Your Contractor Licensed and Insured?

Speaking of guarantees, choosing a licensed and insured exterior painter makes a big difference. Licensed painters are more reliable, having proven themselves as a competent business entity. And by working with an insured painter, any costs associated with mistakes, accidents, or injuries will never end up on your bill. Instead, these incidents are covered by the contractor’s policy, giving you some extra peace of mind.

4. Are They Available to Answer Your Questions?

When working with any entity, communication is crucial. From the initial email or phone call to the last day of work, the local painters you hire should be ready and able to answer your questions and deliver thorough, honest answers. If a company seems unwilling or uneasy about discussing certain topics, this is a red flag. The more transparency, the better.

5. What Happens After the Paint Dries?

One of the most important questions to ask a candidate is in regards to their process upon completing the job. After all, you don’t want your contractor to leave you with extensive cleanup duty or unfinished work without any recourse. Make sure you hire a company that clearly states its responsibilities for cleaning up and returning your home to its previous state and guarantees its work with a reasonable warranty.

The most professional home painting services also have several quality control processes in place at every step of the project, including the final stages. For instance, the best providers will have their supervisor fill out a job questionnaire to track the quality of the crew that worked on your home. If anything is missed or done incorrectly, this issue will be addressed immediately and proper action will be taken to improve the team’s performance in the future.

Looking at The Bigger Picture

Choosing the right Nashville painting company for your home exterior paint job can seem like an impossible task at first. But by taking a holistic and long-term view of your goals, needs, and budgetary concerns, you can find the best candidate without the headache. Make sure the five considerations above play a part in this decision.

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