5 Tips On How To Storm-Proof Your House

calander May 17 , 2017 user-icon Nash Painting

Homeowners in the Cumberland Valley need to be vigilant in storm-proofing their house to mitigate the risks posed by inclement weather. Today, we’re going to walk through a few basic tips that can help keep your home and family safe next time the tornado sirens go off…

1. Reinforce Your Roof

When it comes to protecting your home, it all starts with the roof. The Institute of Business & Home Safety (IBHS) recommends attaching roofing sheathing to the trusses of your home by using ring-shank nails. These nails have 150-200% the holding power of a normal nail, which makes them a great choice for wind resistance. Talk to a roofing professional about how to implement a similar solution for your home.

2. Install Impact-Resistant Doors & Windows

Strong winds are dangerous because they can pick up large pieces of debris and hurl them at your home. For this reason, in extreme weather conditions such as the tornados that Cumberland Valley residents deal with every year, locking the door will not suffice. It is highly recommended that you spend the money to install windows that can weather the storm. This will provide enormous peace of mind next time a storm blows in!

3. Choose Sturdy, Risk-Reducing Materials

Changing the materials from which your house is built is not a small project. However, if you have a home maintenance project on the horizon and you would like to take steps to make your home more weather-resistant, we would encourage you to choose materials like cement or clay tile for your flooring, reinforced steel for your roofing (as stated above), and brick with stucco for your exteriors. These materials will minimize the risk to your home in inclement weather.

4. Be Mindful of Your Garage Door

When it comes to wind resistance, the garage door is something of an Achilles Heel for many houses. The intrinsic vulnerabilities that comes with a garage door need to be taken into consideration during the installation process. If your garage door fails, the damage that wind can do you your house in tornado season is nearly limitless. If you suspect that your garage door is vulnerable, it would be an excellent idea to call in a professional to give it the check-up that it needs.

5. Be Aware Of Flood-Zones

This issue is especially important for homeowners in the Cumberland Valley. Nashville homes built in low-lying areas of the city are notoriously vulnerable to flooding and water damage. If you are on the hunt for a new home, we would strongly advise you to choose a house that is on high ground. But if you already live in a house that in a low, flood-prone area of the city, you may have some work to do. Ensuring that your basement is as waterproof as possible would be a good place to start, but to be safe, you might also want to move all of your valuables upstairs anyway.

Looking For A Paint Job To Weather The Storm?

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