6 Exterior Brick Painting Ideas

calander Jul 25 , 2017 user-icon Nash Painting

In our last blog post, we tried to pique your creative fancy with 5 ideas for painting brick within your home. After all, brick painting isn’t straightforward; you’ll have to give a potential project some thoughtful consideration before you pull the trigger.

Today, we’re here to continue our series of blogs on brick painting with this inspirational list of what painted brick exteriors can look like. Give it a look, and when inspiration strikes, give us a call! We’ll help turn your vision into reality.

Providing a Base

As we’ve mentioned in our “House Painting Tips: Should We Paint Our Brick?” post, sometimes painting brick to act as a neutral “base” tone allows another feature you want to stand out to really pop. Here’s an excellent example of a brick wall painted from its normal reddish hue to a subdued grey, so the gorgeous wood feature can shine in all its glory.

Photo by Hufft ProjectsMore exterior home photos

Rustic Feel

You don’t always have to fully change the color of your brick when painting it. Whitewashing the brick adds a touch of grey, giving your house a lovely “rustic” vibe. This house nails the style.

Photo from Beneath My Heart

Deep Color

You don’t always have to be subtle when painting your brick. Brick that’s painted an interesting or unexpected color can add texture and depth to the outside of your home, creating a unique appearance.

Photo by Annabelle Chapman Architect Pty LtdLook for exterior home design inspiration

Gleaming White

There’s nothing like a pearly white coat of paint on the outside of your home to really make your home stand out.

Photo from Beneath My Heart

White is an excellent example of a neutral color that can be accented with decorations. Here’s a home that took this idea to heart, decorating their front porch with bright accent pillows. It’s colorful, yet minimalist.

Photo from Beneath My Heart

Bold Standout

This final idea is not for the fainthearted designer. Brick painted exterior can be a canvas for whatever you can imagine, truly transforming your home into a work of art. This home, for example, chose to paint their brick a bright white to stand against their dark black wood, creating something truly remarkable.

Photo from Things That Inspire

Look Before You Leap

As we hope we’ve just shown, painted brick exteriors can be an exciting way to bring your home into its own. However, there are a number of structural concerns that should be taken into account before starting a project. We’ve covered this concept in depth in “Should We Paint Our Brick,” but we’ll sum it up again here.

Brick naturally “breathes,” it takes in moisture that evaporates into the envionment. Adding a coat of paint can block that process, causing serious damage to your home. There are also specific details that vary based on factors including your brick’s age and type.

That’s why we’re here. If you liked any of these ideas and want to get started painting the brick on your home, call us for a conversation about bringing your vision to life.