6 Popular Paint Colors for Home Cabinets

calander Dec 28 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

Conventional wisdom would tell you that repainting your walls is the best way to transform an interior space. While this statement is true in many cases, a room’s walls might not always be the most pressing matter. In particular, kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms that feature cabinets sometimes stand to benefit from cabinet painting above all else. Indeed, painting your home cabinets can be a powerful way to create contrast and modernize your home.

There are many steps to painting cabinets if you want the best results, but perhaps the most challenging step is the very first one: deciding which color(s) you plan on painting them. You want to be confident in your decision, otherwise you’ll either be stuck with cabinets that don’t suit your vision or tasked with undergoing the painting process all over again. If you’re not sure where to begin in the color selection process, here are six popular paint colors for home cabinets to help inspire your project.

Most Popoular Paint Colors for Cabinets

1. Pure White

If you peruse enough blogs, online images, and home design websites, you’ll quickly discover that white cabinets are currently all the rage. This trend shouldn’t come as a big surprise -- after all, white paint never really goes out of style, serving virtually any space and complementing any other color or shade. That said, pure white cabinets might be increasingly popular today in part due to the growing minimalist trend. A significant chunk of young homeowners are leaning towards whites, greys, and other neutral tones to keep their spaces simple and clean, which makes it easy to introduce more vibrant color schemes via artwork, furniture, decor, plant life, and so on. Even if you’re not hopping on the minimalist bandwagon, though, stark white cabinets help brighten up and modernize any kitchen or bathroom.

The only caveat here occurs when painting over painted cabinets -- if your cabinets were previously painted a darker color, it might take several coats of white paint to fully conceal the previous darker coating (unless you would rather remove the older paint beforehand). On the other hand, if you do successfully paint your cabinets white, it will be easy to introduce a new color in the future (if you so wish), considering any other color will be darker. In this way, painting your cabinets white is both a strong design decision and somewhat of a placeholder.

2. Off-Whites

At first, this popular paint color might not seem much different than the previous one mentioned here. In practice, however, off-white and pure white yield significant design differences. While both choices work well in nearly any context, off-whites contain various undertones that gently nudge a room’s overall character one way or the other. A creamier off-white, for instance, delivers a slightly warmer atmosphere, offering slight yellow-ish undertones that soften the surface in question, while an off-white with blue undertones can cool down your interior. There are so many off-white options to consider, but they can all work well with your cabinetry, so long as you keep in mind how these undertones might play off of the other colors and features in your space.

3. Black

There is plenty of popularity to be found on the opposite end of the spectrum as well. Like white paint, black paint provides powerful contrast to its surroundings. Unlike white, however, black surfaces tend to visually shrink a room. While some homeowners might avoid these darker tones in order to keep their space feeling light and large, others might prefer the cozier and more defined feel afforded by black cabinets. Black cabinets don’t need to overpower a room, either -- if you go with lighter colors for your walls, countertops, backsplaces, ceiling, etc., then going darker with your cabinet painting will simply bring balance to your interior. The way you paint your cabinets is only part of the interior painting equation, so you must take the entire room into consideration when choosing your cabinet colors.

4. Greys

We’ve gone over white and black -- what about the space in between? Though grey might not sound like the most exciting color choice for your home cabinets, shades of grey are undoubtedly popular choices for these features, and for good reason. By going grey, you retain the neutral benefits offered by both white and black paint while compromising between the former’s expansiveness and the latter’s confinement. In other words, painting your cabinets grey will neither enlarge and brighten your room to a significant degree nor shrink and darken it. That said, you can go with a lighter or darker shade of grey to achieve the results you want. And best of all, your grey cabinets will fit into whatever color scheme you wish to introduce or enforce in your interior.

5. Dark Blues

Finally, we can discuss colors outside the realm of a black-and-white photograph or film. As we’ve discussed many times in previous articles, blue has become a popular choice for home interior painting purposes, often increasing a home’s market value when properly implemented. When it comes to painted cabinets, darker blues tend to dominate their respective hue. Lighter blues can work, but they can be difficult to pull off without making an interior look and feel dated in some way. Dark blue cabinets, on the other hand, can achieve similar results as black cabinets but with the added benefit of a somewhat nautical, modern feel. Your palette and design options might be somewhat more limited by going blue, but these limitations can actually help you make these choices more confidently. For instance, contrasting white, brown, or grey features with your blue cabinets is a no-brainer, as is introducing some green plant life for some additional vibrancy and balance.

6. Muted, Herbal Greens

Speaking of green, this cabinet color has also grown in popularity. Like blue, though, the type of green makes a big difference. In most cases, lighter, brighter greens aren’t the way to go -- instead, greens of the darker and more muted variety can make for a breathtaking interior when applied to cabinets. While every paint manufacturer has their own catchy names for such colors, look for anything herbal (i.e. sage) and/or mixed with grey or brown. These green varieties will liven up your interior without overpowering the eye.

Coloring Your Cabinets the Right Way

The six popular paint colors for home cabinets listed above only scratch the surface of the ways in which you can update your cabinetry. Indeed, you can find painted cabinets of nearly every variety if you spend enough time searching the web. You don’t have to follow the trends if your vision lies elsewhere. Still, the most popular paint colors have risen to the top for a reason, and it’s worth considering these options if you’re truly stuck on how to paint your cabinets. Before making the final call, though, know that the experts at Nash Painting can help you navigate this challenging task so you feel confident in your cabinet color choices. Our several satisfied customers in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN can attest to our commitment to our clients’ visions.

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