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While a fresh coat of paint can revitalize a room, sometimes it's your cabinets that need attention. In spaces like the kitchen and bathroom, a cabinet makeover can drastically change the ambiance. Discover the transformative power of cabinet painting and how it can modernize your space.

Achieving an outstanding cabinet repaint involves several steps. The first, and often most daunting, is choosing the right color. To avoid the regret of a hasty choice or the hassle of repainting, finding a color you love is crucial. Need inspiration? Here are six trending paint colors that are winning hearts in home decor.

White cabinets

Top Trending Cabinet Paint Colors

1. Pure White

White cabinets are timeless, fitting into any style or color scheme. Their growing popularity may be linked to the minimalist movement, appealing especially to younger homeowners. White not only modernize but also brightens any space, offering a clean slate for accent colors through decor and art. However, be mindful when repainting over darker shades, as it may require multiple coats or complete removal of the old paint.

2. Off-Whites

Off-whites, while subtly different from pure white, bring a distinctive character to your room. The undertones in off-white shades, whether creamy or cool, can subtly influence the room's atmosphere and complement existing colors and features.

3. Bold Black

At the other end of the spectrum, black cabinets offer a dramatic, cozy, and defined aesthetic. Balancing black cabinets with lighter walls, countertops, and other elements prevents them from overpowering the space. Consider how black cabinet paint can bring a sophisticated balance to your interior.

black cabinets

4. Versatile Greys

Greys offer a compromise between black and white, maintaining neutrality while providing more room for customizing lightness or darkness. Grey cabinets seamlessly blend into any color scheme, giving you freedom while dictating other design elements.

grey cabinets

5. Deep Blues

Stepping out of monochrome, deep blues bring a modern, sometimes nautical vibe to the interiors. Perfect for those seeking more color without overwhelming brightness, dark blue cabinets pair beautifully with contrasting whites, greys, or earth tones, and benefit from pops of greenery.

deep blue cabinets

6. Herbal Greens

Muted, herbal greens are gaining traction for their calming, natural hues. Avoid bright greens; instead, choose sage or other grey-infused greens for a sophisticated and organic look.

Expert Guidance for Your Cabinet Transformation

While these six trendy colors offer a starting point, the possibilities are endless. Don't feel constrained by what's popular; choose what resonates with your style. If you're seeking professional input, the team at Nash Painting is here to guide you. Our track record in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN, speaks volumes about our dedication to client satisfaction.

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Need help finding the perfect match?

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