7 Bold Paint Colors for Interior Trim

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What makes an interior space visually pop? Is it the color(s) of the walls and ceiling? Is it the style and layout of furniture and decor? Something else? In truth, an interior space stands out by virtue of how all of its components come together and work off each other. Every piece matters, even the trim. In fact, the colors you select for your trim can make a major difference in a room’s overall look and feel. With that in mind, let’s outline seven bold colors for interior trim painting.

Best Interior Paint Trim Options

1. Bright White

In a recent blog, we went over the continued prevalence of white interior trim. In this way, sticking with white paint for your window and door frames might not seem like much of a bold decision. However, going with a bright white paint can have a powerful effect on virtually any interior space, despite being the expected choice. Indeed, white trim works well against walls of any shade or color, though it makes the strongest impression when contrasted with darker tones. Walls that are dark shades of green, blue, grey, red -- you name it -- can be made more dynamic with the introduction of bright white trim. In such a scenario, white interior trim creates a sense of balance and separation, standing out while also drawing attention to the room’s other, darker notes.

2. Bold Black

On the opposite end of the spectrum, black interior trim is bold in its own right. For one thing, black interior trim isn’t as commonplace as white trim for home painting, making it an inherently bold choice; And for another, it frames features as if they were pictures hanging on a wall, establishing defined lines that can’t be missed, especially when contrasted with white and/or lighter walls and decor. Like white paint, however, black paint fits with just about any color scheme imaginable. In other words, black trim won’t look out of place regardless of a room’s current aesthetic. That said, black interior trim can make a room feel somewhat smaller and more closed in due to the aforementioned framing effect. Some homeowners might appreciate this effect, while others might prefer the added openness provided by lighter interior trim instead.

3. Natural Wood (Brown)

Sometimes going natural is the boldest route you can take. This is certainly the case for natural wood trim. Though some might be tempted to paint over wood trim, cabinets, and other features to introduce some different colors, there is something inherently appealing about wood’s organic look and texture. This doesn’t mean you have to (nor should you) leave your wood trim completely bare -- doing so makes your wood more susceptible to damage and rot. Instead, consider finishing your wood trim with varnish, stain, or sealer. Finishing your trim this way let’s you protect it from various threats while embellishing its natural beauty and adding some additional color to match your flooring, cabinets, decor, etc.

4. Soft Yet Spirited Pastels

Thus far, we’ve only discussed neutral tones for interior trim. This makes sense, considering these color choices work well in many scenarios. However, if you really want to make a statement with your trim, don’t be afraid to step outside the box -- no one, not even your interior house painters will stop you from getting more colorful if that’s truly what you want. If you want to keep things light but don’t want to go with white trim, consider pastel colors like baby blue, peach, periwinkle, etc. These high-value, low-saturation colors (often associated with Spring and Easter) can add a touch of whimsy and relaxation to a room and work best against white walls and other light decor. These trim colors themselves might not be bold, but the decision to incorporate them in your home is certainly audacious. And yet, it’s entirely possible to pull it off.

5. Dark, Smoky Blue

If you ask your local painters which paint colors are currently trending in homes, they’ll likely mention blue. This popular color suits many different spaces and surfaces, including interior trim. More specifically, dark, smoky blues supply that stark definition that black trim offers while adding some color and unique contrast. Indeed, dark blue trim won’t work well in every situation, such as against a dark green wall, but it will make a statement against lighter colors, as well as oranges and reds.

6. Pronounced Purple

At first, purple might seem like an insane choice for interior trim. However, we are discussing bold paint color, and purple is certainly anything but shy. Even more so than dark blue trim, purple trim can come off as gaudy in the wrong context. However, when placed against a room that is a lighter purple, off-white, or some shade of yellow, purple trim provides stunning contrast and personality. Yes, this choice is risky, but if you’re even considering it, chances are you enjoy a loud, colorful home anyway.

7. Warm, Sunny Yellow

Lastly, we’d be remiss to leave out yellow trim. While most homeowners who want to introduce yellow in their home will go with yellow walls and white trim, some might do the opposite, opting for white walls with yellow trim. Of course, the right shade of yellow trim can also work well against purple, dark blue, and even black walls. Will you find this interior trim color choice in most homes? No, you won’t. However, being bold is partially about being different from the pack -- painting your interior trim yellow is definitely one way to distinguish yourself and your home from the rest.

Trimming the Fat of Bold Color Selection

If we only had a magic wand, home interior painting would be so much easier and go so much faster. Imagine what it would be like to know exactly how a room would look with its trim, walls, and ceilings painted a certain way without having to go through the entire process. Fortunately, various online tools and apps can help you virtually visualize how your home could look painted different ways via augmented reality (AR) technology. If and when you use these tools, you might realize that white trim was the way to go after all. Or, you might decide to break new ground and purchase purple paint for your interior trim. The bottom line: don’t be bold for the sake of it -- instead, let your interior spaces speak for your personality and preferences. After all, being yourself is the boldest thing you can do.

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