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7 Popular Paint Colors for Brick Painting

calander Oct 13 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

Brick has a certain timeless appeal, elevating the aesthetic of any property with minimal need for adornment or adjustment. Indeed, bare brick speaks for itself, as long as it’s well-maintained. That said, even a material as sturdy as brick is susceptible to damage and erosion. Additionally, homeowners and business owners might want to change the look of their property without replacing their siding entirely. Painting your brick surfaces offers a solution in both cases, providing surface protection and color.

As we’ve discussed in an earlier post, brick painting is no small endeavor -- plenty of preparation and thought must go into this process in order to achieve the best results. On top of that, it isn’t easy to undo a brick paint job, so it’s important to know exactly what you want before committing to this task. With that in mind, let’s go over seven popular paint colors for brick painting to give you some confidence and inspiration.

1. Wash it Out with White

White is one of the most common color choices for painting over brick. At first, this might seem counterintuitive considering the challenge of painting over darker surfaces with lighter shades. However, these difficulties can be overcome by priming your brick surfaces prior to painting and applying a sufficient number of coats -- using high-quality products and proper technique will also ensure full, even coverage. It’s easy to understand why white has become such a popular color choice for brick painting by browsing enough properties that have adopted this aesthetic. Going this route brightens up a property while retaining its rustic texture.

There are, of course, some setbacks to painting your brick business or house exterior white. Namely, dust, dirt, and debris are much more visible on light surfaces, so you’ll have to invest more time and energy in cleaning your property than you might otherwise. Still, it’s important to pressure wash your property once or twice a year anyway. In a sense, painting your brick surfaces white might encourage you to stay on top of your maintenance efforts.

2. Can’t Go Wrong with Red

In its natural state, brick already has a reddish-brown hue. Why not embellish this rosy, rusty complexion with red paint? This is what several property owners have done. Red remains a popular color choice for brick surfaces for its bold, somewhat industrial appeal. There are plenty of red variations, of course. Brighter, more saturated reds can make a property stand out against its neighbors and, while more muted, mahogany reds embellish your brick’s innate aesthetic. Whichever type of red you choose, it will look right at home with your brick surfaces.

3. Stay Neutral with Grey

Grey exteriors will likely never go out of style, so it’s no surprise that grey is another highly popular paint color choice for brick surfaces. In a word, grey is inoffensive -- it might not be the most exciting color or shade out there, but it serves as a neutral backdrop for more vibrant surroundings, such as lush lawns, bright trim, colorful decor, and more. In other words, you might paint your brick surfaces grey in order to allow other parts of your property to stand out. This isn’t to say your brick’s natural segmented texture won’t still be present -- it simply means your brick exterior won’t be the star of the show, necessarily. Local painters can help you determine how light or dark you want to go with your grey color choice.

4. Deep, Dark Blue

Simply put, blue is a popular color, regardless of its application. We’ve discussed before how painting a kitchen or bathroom blue can significantly raise the market value of a home. When it comes to brick painting, blue retains its popularity, especially its darker varieties like navy and charcoal. Dark blue brick might not offer the bright, blank appeal of white or the exaggerated natural look of red, but it offers an aesthetic all its own, and is especially striking when accented by bright, white trim, brown doors, etc. You don’t need to live by a lake or ocean to consider enhancing your brick building with a shade of blue.

5. Be Bold with Black

Painting it black is inherently risky. While black complements virtually any other color or shade, its dark, stark nature can come off as unwelcoming at first glance. Still, there is something to be said for black brick. For one thing, you’ll likely need fewer coats to fully cover your brick surfaces, since black is so visually dense. Also, dirt and dust are often less visible on black surfaces, so less maintenance is often required (though you’ll want to remain vigilant for bird dropping and other light-colored debris, which will certainly show up). Beyond these practical matters, though, black remains a popular choice for brick painting because, like dark blue and grey, it provides a powerful contrast to other colors and elements.

6. Follow the Yellow Brick Home

For a sunnier brick exterior, consider painting it yellow. Yellow brick might be associated with a bright, highly-saturated whimsical road, but the most popular shades of yellow for brick exteriors are creamier and more muted -- some are closer to an off-white than a yellow, in fact. Regardless of the specifics, yellow brick is undoubtedly inviting and cheerful. Like white and other light shades, though, it might take several coats to fully cover up your brick’s natural reddish-brown tint.

7. Get Organic with Green

Historically, green hasn’t been the most popular color choice for commercial or residential exterior painting. However, certain shades of green are gaining in popularity, namely more muted, greyish, herbal options. Combining the rustic texture of brick with the nature-evoking color of green can make for a truly stunning home or business.

Breaking Through the Pain of Brick Painting

When done right, the results of painted brick can be immensely rewarding. When handled poorly, however, you might end up with an expensive mess on your hands. It’s no wonder, then, why so many people are reluctant to paint their brick surfaces. Having an expert Nashville painting company nearby is priceless in terms of navigating this tricky process. At Nash Painting, we help our clients in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN choose paint colors that suit their vision and better understand the ins and outs of brick painting and maintenance overall -- not to mention our expertise in painting all types of brick surfaces for beautiful, long-lasting results. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!

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