7 Tips for Choosing a Living Room Paint Color

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As we discussed recently, the hottest interior paint colors of 2018 are rolling out. This is your perfect opportunity to get excited and inspired, and to take advantage of the plentiful examples of current trendy picks.

Today, let’s focus exclusively on your living room.

This essential room is where you relax, entertain, and really set the overall pace for your interior style and palette. Right alongside the kitchen, your living room is the heart of your home, and picking the perfect look can make all the difference.

How Do You Pick a Living Room Paint Color?

Picking a color can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few practical tips that will help make the process productive and fun.

When you’re choosing a living paint color, always…

  1. Consider your fixed colors: those elements of the space that can’t be changed and need to be factored in. Furniture, a brick fireplace, natural wood, a unique architectural element, or maybe that slightly odd painting from your in-laws…

  2. Talk to your painter! A full-service painting company isn’t just there to apply whatever product you choose, but wants to be involved (to the degree you’d like!) in every step of the process. Your total satisfaction should be their priority.

  3. Consider adjoining spaces. Colors need to flow, so it pays to plan ahead a bit and factor in the colors used in connected rooms.

  4. Think about the mood you want to create. Cozy? Sophisticated? Country? Formal? Stepping back and thinking through the vibe and tone you want to achieve can help you choose the best color to make it happen. And remember, darker colors will draw in your walls and ceiling, while lighter colors tend to visually push them out to create a sense of space.

  5. Look to existing fabrics and colors for inspiration. A deep plumb in a blanket you love, a creamy white in a curtain, or maybe an earthy green in your rug… You can find these colors and draw them out, using something similar for your walls.

  6. Think about “color psychology.” As amazing as it is, color has a massive impact on both mood and energy level. Vibrant reds, for example, can increase energy, while deep blues relax and calm.

  7. Think about your lighting. Natural light offers the most accurate representation of a color, while overhead lights can slightly warp its look. The best way to make sure you love your new color is to paint a sample, live with it a little, and see how different lighting interacts with it throughout the day and night.

Popular Living Room Paint Colors To Keep in Mind

As we mentioned above, we recently featured a few trending interior paint colors for 2018. These are fantastic options for a living room as well (take a look here if you missed them!).

While you’re exploring the possibilities, keep in mind that bolder, more vibrant colors are “in.” Sure, neutrals will always be a timeless option, but this is a year for trying something a little more daring.

Here are a few examples!

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