7 Tips to Make Painting Aluminum Siding Easier!

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Most homeowners here in Nashville are familiar with painting exterior wood siding, or even brick, but feel stuck with the color of their aluminum siding. Maybe you like the idea of a repaint, but are understandably a little intimidated by the process and expertise required. Don't worry! Our tips for painting aluminum siding will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

From choosing the best type of paint to properly prepping your surfaces, we've got all the advice you need to make sure that your aluminum siding looks its best when you're done.

Table of Contents:

  • Preparing Your Aluminum Siding for Painting

  • Choosing the Right Paint for Aluminum Siding
    • Understanding Sheen Levels and Color Options:

  • Painting Your Aluminum Siding Properly

  • Conclusion

Preparing and Cleaning Aluminum Siding for Painting

Prep is everything! And it all starts with cleaning.

Using a pressure washer with a low-pressure setting and mild detergent, carefully scrub the siding to remove any dirt, dust or debris. When cleaning the siding, it's important to wear safety gear such as goggles and gloves, since a powerful water stream could potentially cause harm if used improperly.

Removing loose paint and rust from aluminum siding is also necessary before applying primer. Use a wire brush or sandpaper to scrape away any flaking paint or rust spots on your siding. For bigger sections that require paint to be taken off, chemical strippers may be a better choice than manual labor in order to completely remove old paint quickly and effectively.

Next up, it's time to prime! Applying primer is key as it helps ensure that your new coat of paint will adhere properly and last longer. Make sure to select an appropriate primer specifically designed for metal surfaces like aluminum siding; oil-based primers work best, but latex versions can also be used if desired. Apply two coats of primer evenly across the entire surface area with either a brush or roller - taking care not to make any drips as these could show through after you have painted. Allow each coat plenty of time (at least 24 hours) before moving onto the next step in your project: painting.

Key Takeaway: Using a pressure washer with a mild detergent and protective gear, clean the surface of aluminum siding to remove any dirt or debris. Scrape away loose paint and rust spots with wire brushes or sandpaper, then apply two coats of oil-based primer for optimal results before painting. Don't skimp on prepping - this is key to achieving an excellent finish.

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Choosing the Right Paint for Aluminum Siding

Our next tip for painting aluminum siding is to choose the right paint. This is absolutely essential.

The best option for aluminum siding is a 100% acrylic latex paint with a satin or semi-gloss finish. It'll provide excellent adhesion and durability, making it ideal for exterior surfaces like aluminum siding. For added protection against weathering and fading, look for paints that contain UV inhibitors.

Understanding Sheen Levels and Color Options:

Now it's time to decide on a sheen level and color options. A lustrous or semi-gleaming surface will furnish your aluminum siding with the right amount of shimmer to make it noticeable without being excessively reflective. For a more vivid look, you can opt for colors like reds, blues, greens and yellows.

Finally, when selecting a paint for your aluminum siding, consider its exterior durability in order to ensure long-lasting results over time. Look for paints that are specifically designed to withstand harsh elements such as rain and sun exposure while also providing protection against mold growth and mildew buildup which can be especially problematic in humid climates like Nashville's.

"For long-lasting aluminum siding results, choose 100% acrylic latex paint with UV inhibitors & a satinsemi-gloss finish. Look for warranties to protect against wear & tear." #paintingservices #aluminumsiding

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How To Paint Aluminum Siding Properly

To ensure the longevity of your exterior paint job, here are some useful tips.

Applying Even Coats of Paint with a Brush or Roller: When painting aluminum siding, it’s important to use even strokes and apply multiple coats of paint for best results. For large areas, consider using a roller; for smaller areas and around trim pieces, use a brush instead. Make sure you always start at the top of each section and work down so that any drips run downward rather than up onto already painted surfaces.

Avoiding Common Mistakes When Painting Aluminum Siding: Before beginning any painting project, be sure to fill in any cracks or holes with putty or caulk first so they don't show through after the paint has been applied. Prior to painting, make sure you clean the aluminum siding of any dirt or grime for optimal adhesion and long-term results. Finally, never try to rush through painting - take your time as rushing can lead to uneven coverage which could result in peeling later on down the road.

Key Takeaway: To ensure a lasting paint job, apply even coats of paint with either a brush or roller to aluminum siding and avoid common mistakes such as not filling cracks beforehand. Take your time when painting to achieve optimal results - don't rush it.

What's the Takeaway?

Painting aluminum siding may feel intimidating, but by prepping the surfaces, cleaning, and using the right products, you'll definitely be on your way to finishing a quality paint job.

If you're looking for a reliable painting company in Nashville that specializes in high-end residential and cabinet painting services, look no further than Nash Painting. We'd love to serve you and your home!