Accent Walls: 5 Stunning & Simple Ideas

calander Dec 2 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

Adding an accent wall to your interior space is a simple yet powerful way to add intrigue and character to your home. Of course, like any interior design choice, you have numerous options when it comes to choosing an accent wall, including color, texture, and configuration.

It’s easy to get lost in all the possibilities. To help you narrow your search, here are five stunning and simple ideas you might incorporate for your accent walls.

1. Contrasting Colors

Many homeowners decide to accentuate a wall by painting it a different color than the rest. The tricky part is deciding which color works best.

Generally speaking, you want to choose a color that stands out, yet still works within the confines of a color scheme or theme. If a room features a dominant color already, try painting your accent wall a contrasting color to break it up and create a new focal point. In most cases, making your accent color darker than the rest is most effective in balancing a room. If you need help picking the right color, consult your interior painting contractors.

2. Exposed Brick

Of course, accent walls don’t have to be painted. While interior painting services are happy to accept the business, you might consider a number of overlay options that not only give your accent wall a unique color, but a unique texture, too.

The first of these overlay options is exposed brick. If the rest of your room consists of, say, painted drywall, introducing an interior brick wall will immediately capture one’s attention. Exposed brick carries a certain charm and rustic appeal that elevates just about any interior space, especially living rooms and kitchens. And if your room already contains a fireplace, then surrounding it with an exposed brick accent wall is the perfect fit.

3. Wood Paneling

Like brick, wood is versatile and naturally appealing, adding a warm atmosphere to any interior space. An accent wall composed of wood paneling can give your room the extra personality you’re looking for.

These panels can be constructed of various types of wood and other materials, including reclaimed wood and synthetic wood analogs. You might go for a glossy finish or a bare look, and you can choose vertical or horizontal paneling depending on the size and shape of your accent wall.

4. Try Tiling

For a sleeker, more modern approach to your accent wall, consider installing tiling. As with wood paneling, you can choose between different materials, sizes, and shapes for your tiled accent wall. Your tiles may be uniform in color, size, and shape, or varied in any of these ways, like a mosaic design. Glass and marble tiling provide a glossy look while clay and natural stone tiles are rougher and often porous.

5. Wallpaper Designs

Many of us might still think of wallpaper as an outdated trend, but when chosen carefully and properly installed, wallpaper can provide virtually unlimited designs and textures to an accent wall with relative ease.

The best local interior painters can do a lot with a brush, but wallpaper takes much of the hassle and uncertainty out of interior design. With wall coverings, you can decorate your accent wall with simple geometric shapes, elaborate artwork, stunning patterns, thematic stenciling, and so much more. And best of all, you can see what it will look like before it goes up, and tearing it down isn’t an insurmountable task, either.

Who knew that changing up just one wall could transform an entire room so easily? Whether you hire residential painting services to paint your wall a different color, or you decide to have an overlay installed, your interior will breathe new life once your accent wall is installed.

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