Are Painted Kitchen Cabinets Durable?

calander Aug 24 , 2022 user-icon Nash Painting

The short answer? It depends. The longer (but better) answer? Keep reading.

It’s no surprise that cabinet painting is HOT. It’s actually been hot for a long time, but it’s red-hot right now. And this raises all kinds of good questions about the proper process, products, and technique. Some folks are doing the do-it-yourself thing, armed with YouTube and good intentions, while others are kind of floundering about whether they should paint their cabinets at all, who they should hire, etc.

We could camp out on cabinet painting questions and answers all day, but for now let’s focus on one of the biggest concerns we hear. Honestly, this specific question is extra valuable because it unlocks a whole lot of good information.

Are painted cabinets durable?

It all comes down to HOW they’re painted and the products you use.

For example: do-it-yourselfers often assume that you can use regular paint off the shelf for cabinets, treating their cabinets like a wall. That’s not true at all. You have to use specialized primer and paint that creates a super hard finish, designed to withstand lots of use, washing, and scratches.

Stepping back a little further in the process, you also have to invest a LOT of time in surface preparation. That’s not something that many homeowners really understand, or have the time, tools, and know-how to accomplish.

For that matter, a lot of professional painters don’t factor all of this in either. Perhaps they’re competent general painters, but they’re kind of flippantly offering cabinet painting now since so many folks are looking for the service. It’s not their wheelhouse so the job isn’t being done right.

The takeaway?

Painted kitchen cabinets can be extremely durable and just as beautiful as a factory-grade finish. But you have to invest in the right system, products, and painting company or else you could be setting yourself up for disaster.

How do you paint kitchen cabinets in Nashville?

Just in case it’s helpful, here’s a look at how we approach the cabinet painting process:

  • Remove doors, drawers, and hinges for a thorough finish.

  • Clean and remove years of cooking-related grime from cabinet surfaces.

  • Fill holes and repair damages caused by wear and tear.

  • Sand, vacuum, and tack surfaces to ensure excellent paint adhesion.

  • Apply a durable, high-quality primer.

  • Carefully apply paint to cabinet boxes, doors, and drawers.

  • Allow sufficient drying time for durability.

If you have more questions please let us know! We’re here to help every step of the way.