Best Ideas for Southern Wraparound Decks This Summer

calander Jul 9 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Is there anything more satisfying than spending time out on the deck during a southern summer day? If you’re fortunate enough to own a wraparound deck, you’ve got the best deal of all. These decks, which enclose all or part of your home, provide ample space for various configurations, activities, and design possibilities. Awnings and/or ceilings are also common features for wraparound decks, which is much appreciated during hot southern summers. Once you’ve got your wraparound deck installed, you must determine how you plan to use it, decorate it, and care for it -- no small feat when you consider how much surface area there is to cover. With that in mind, let’s go over some of the best things you can do for your southern wraparound deck this summer.

What to Do with Wraparound Decks

Prioritize Light Colors and UV Protection

If you plan on spending plenty of time on your wraparound deck this summer, be prepared to beat the heat. Even with the shade afforded to you by your deck’s ceiling or awning, the southern sun can be brutal and force you back into your home’s air conditioned interior before you know it. One way to minimize the sun’s intensity and keep cool on the deck is by applying light deck paint colors. Shades of white are the most effective in this regard, reflecting sunlight, whereas darker colors absorb sunlight and therefore quickly heat up. If white paint isn’t your style or you prefer deck stain instead, opt for a product that offers resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Going with products such as these will both keep your wraparound deck cooler during the summer and protect its surfaces from deterioration.

Make Each Side Its Own Space

With angular wraparound decks, you’ll have at least two distinct “zones” to work with, and many of these decks go all the way around, offering at least four. Whatever the case, use this abundance to your advantage by giving each side its own identity. For instance, the front-facing side of your deck might be primarily used for decorative purposes to embellish your home’s entrance. If you’ve got a pool behind your home, consider turning the back portion of your wraparound deck into a pool deck of sorts. As for the left and right sides of your deck, consider making one side a lounging area (hammock, anyone?) and the other a grilling and dining zone. Of course, a circular wraparound deck will be more difficult to separate in this way -- for these, you might take a more fluid approach. There are so many ways to use each section of your wraparound deck; these are merely suggestions.

Take Advantage of Corners

Pay particular attention to the corners of your wraparound deck. Whether angular or rounded, these turning points are often prime real estate for a little nook of some kind. This is where you might set up a table and chairs for drinking and eating or perhaps your grill. You might also install benches in these corners for simple seating or additional leverage for decor like plants.

Make the Most of the Ceiling

It can be easy to take your deck’s ceiling for granted, but this feature carries a lot of practical and aesthetic potential. For one thing, painting your ceiling a lighter color (like your deck’s flooring) can help keep this area cool during hot southern summers. Certain colors (such as light blue) may even help keep certain pests away, such as mosquitoes. Aesthetically speaking, your wraparound deck’s ceiling can also be used to create bold accents when viewed from inside your deck.

Hang Some Ceiling Fans

Speaking of ceilings, ceiling fans are worthwhile installations for wraparound decks, especially in southern regions of the U.S. Location is key here. You don’t want to have too many fans littering your ceiling, but you also want to have enough to circulate the air accordingly. Place fans above areas where you and guests will spend most of their time on your deck (e.g., seating areas, dining areas, etc.) for maximum effect.

Light It Up Throughout

Fans aren’t the only features you should think about hanging from your ceiling -- you’ll want to properly light your deck, too. Lighting your deck from above is often the most effective way to illuminate your spaces. You might embed small lights along your ceiling or hang some at key locations (much like those ceiling fans). There are many other ways to keep your walkaround deck well-lit at night as well, such as wrapping string lights around bannisters or installing lights in the floors, underneath railings, etc.

Give Each Side a Gorgeous View

Walkaround decks offer plenty of space, but some areas might get more use than others for a number of reasons. One reason a certain side of your deck might get more love is that it offers a better view than any other location on your deck (i.e., facing water or a well-kept garden). While some of this can’t be avoided, you can make the most of every part of your wraparound deck by ensuring each side delivers something nice to look at. The best way to achieve this is by simply taking good care of your landscape. You might also strategically decorate the less enticing sides of your deck to make them more appealing.

Accent Your Deck with Decor and Furniture

When well-maintained, wraparound decks are naturally beautiful. Still, there’s always more you can do to make your deck your own and emphasize its attractiveness. If you plan on sticking with a neutral exterior deck stain or paint, consider introducing vibrant colors with furniture and decor. Bright red chairs and green plant life make bold statements against a stark white wraparound deck, for instance. The design and contrast possibilities are only limited by your imagination and preference.

Remember to Maintain Your Deck Year-Round

Matters of design, decor, lighting, etc. are secondary to your deck’s condition. If your deck isn’t in good shape, you’ll find yourself spending more time on touch-ups, repairs, and replacements than actually enjoying this beautiful space. Southern summer conditions can be particularly hard on your deck if it’s not well prepared for moisture, sunlight, heat, and pests. Prior to summer, make sure you thoroughly clean your wraparound deck with a pressure washer or via manual means. And if it’s been over 2-3 years since you’ve last coated your deck, hire deck staining services to examine and re-stain (or paint) the deck so it’s well-protected from the forces of nature. You can try tackling this project yourself, but staining an entire wraparound deck without making a mess or mistakes is easier said than done.

Wrapping Up

It’s officially deck season. Let the experts at Nash Painting help you get the most out of your wraparound deck this summer. We’ve helped countless homeowners and business owners across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN maintain and enhance their properties inside and out. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!