Nash Painting | Brentwood Elegance: A Touch of Class

Brentwood Elegance: A Touch of Class

calander Sep 11 , 2023 user-icon Nash Painting

Positioned gracefully within the upscale terrains of Williamson County is the elite town of Brentwood. A testament to opulence and cultured sophistication, Brentwood homes encapsulate an unparalleled blend of southern charm and contemporary aesthetics.

Project Overview:

City: Brentwood
County: Williamson

Scope of Work: Exterior Painting
Chosen Colors:

  • White Duck SW 7010 in Eggshell, Semi-Gloss, and Satin finishes
  • Iron Ore SW 7069 (Semi-Gloss Finish)
  • Attitude Gray SW 7060 (Semi-Gloss Finish)

Paint Brand Used:

  • Sherwin Williams Emerald

From Southern Charm to Modern Majesty:

The Brentwood home in focus received a comprehensive facelift that seamlessly married its inherent southern elegance with a dash of modern flair. White Duck SW 7010 was chosen as the primary hue, with different finishes catering to different parts of the home, ensuring durability while amplifying the aesthetic appeal.

Iron Ore and Attitude Gray - two bold and dramatic choices, were used to give the home its defining features. While the Iron Ore added a striking contrast on doors, frames, and the garage, Attitude Gray brought in an extra dimension, especially on the front door sidelight and attic vents.

The choice of vinyl shutters painted in Iron Ore alongside the White Duck sidings set a striking balance, encapsulating the essence of modern southern homes. Not forgetting the gutters, they were meticulously painted to match, ensuring every detail contributed to the home's overall beauty.

A Canvas of Subtle Elegance:

By opting for Sherwin Williams' esteemed Emerald range, the homeowners ensured their abode would not just stand out in aesthetic appeal but would also be armed against the elements, promising durability.

Crafting Legacies with Nash Painting:

As we traverse the rich landscape of Brentwood and beyond, our goal at Nash Painting is clear - to transform homes into legacies, painting dreams into realities. Our commitment is to elegance, precision, and craftsmanship, ensuring every Brentwood home we touch turns into a beacon of grace.

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