Cabinet Painting in Franklin, TN: Don’t Miss This Kitchen!

calander Apr 1 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

As a Nashville house painter, we do our very best to both serve and educate our clients (and prospective clients, too). After all, we want you to make the best choice and investment in your home that you possibly can, understanding how painting services work, what to look for in a painter, and how you can enjoy the best value for your home improvement dollar.

This is especially important when it comes to the hot topic of kitchen cabinet painting.

Almost everyone wants that fresh, modern look, and that means that painting companies are suddenly popping up and marketing themselves as willing and able to paint your cabinetry. The problem we’re seeing again and again is that using the right buzzwords and offering cheap prices can lead to catastrophic paint failure, disappointment, and more expense in the long-run.

It pays to find a painter who has a proven track record, and can show (rather than just tell!) their cabinetry painting skill.

High-End Kitchen Cabinet Painting Services

Here at Nash Painting, cabinets are one of our areas of specialty. We have educated ourselves and focused on our craft, allowing us to confidently deliver incredible finishes that look amazing, last, and are covered by warranties that far exceed the industry standard.

As a case in point, we would love to share this project with you that we recently finished in Franklin, TN! The kitchen turned out so beautifully, from the gleaming white cabinets to the stylish, dark blue island that doubles as an eye-catching accent.

Let’s Discuss Your Nashville Cabinet Painting Ideas!

As we said, we love to educate and inform just as much as we love to serve. If you have any questions about your house painting project, inside or out, cabinets or otherwise, contact us today. We’re here to help!