Caring for Your Old House

calander Nov 6 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

Older homes have an inherent, undeniable charm that newer homes simply lack. That said, these aging beauties come with their own problems due to the building standards of their time as well as regular wear and tear over the years. An old home might cost you a fortune in energy expenditures due to poor insulation, or it might pose health risks if it contains lead paint. The list of potential problems goes on.

If you enjoy living in your old home but could do without its drawbacks, there are ways to mitigate them. Doing so just requires more effort than it does to maintain a new home. Here are some key ways to care for your old house so you can stay where you are for many more years to come.

Seal Those Gaps

Homes are supposed to keep the outside environment from getting in. That said, it’s common for older houses to feature small gaps and cracks in various places. These breaches aren’t always visible, but their effects are indisputable. Improperly sealed homes result in high energy costs as the outside air enters the home and internal air leaks out. Not only that, these cracks can become passageways for moisture, bacteria, insects, and other pests.

To protect your old home from harm and improve its energy efficiency, weatherize it by caulking interior and exterior gaps. Pay particular attention to the gaps near windows and doors, weather-stripping them for good measure.

Install New Insulation

Older houses also tend to lack proper insulation, mostly because they weren’t constructed with modern insulation methods and requirements in mind. The purpose of insulation is to slow down the transfer of heat. This means that the air inside your home will stay warm in the cold weather, and that warm air will stay out in the hot weather.

The only way to truly weatherize your home and keep those energy bills low, then, is to install new insulation. In some cases, the shape and size of the home won’t allow for optimal insulation. Still, you must do what you can to maintain your old home.

Check for Rot and Mold

The potential leaks and lack of insulation mentioned above can lead to an influx of moisture inside your home. This excess moisture can encourage the growth of bacteria and fungi that may slowly rot your exterior and interior features. Mold and mildew are most commonly found in damp places like basements, bathrooms, and attics, so pay close attention to these areas of your older home.

If you find mold, you must remove it immediately by cleaning and disinfecting it properly. And if some of your features have begun to rot, you will need to repair or replace them to maintain your home’s structural integrity and safety. Then you can hire interior painting services to make the repair look seamless.

Keep It Clean Inside and Out

Keeping your home clean isn’t just about maintaining its appearance – cleanliness also protects your home from bacteria, mold, and mildew. Cleaning your interior spaces is important, but don’t forget about your home’s exterior. Hire pressure washing services once or twice a year to keep the outside free from grime and to maintain your exterior paint job. When your exterior is clean, your interior is better protected, too.

Maintain Your Paint Job (Lead Paint Removal)

Finally, it’s crucial to preserve your home’s paint job. In addition to enhancing the house’s look, exterior paint acts as a shield against the elements so moisture and other materials don’t damage the surface or get inside. You may want to hire exterior painting services to touch up your home’s paint job every couple of years. If you wait too long, your home might require a completely new coat (or two) of paint.

Because a home’s interior isn’t directly susceptible to environmental damage, you can wait longer to have your interior painting contractors touch up or repaint your rooms. That said, if your home was built before 1978, there’s a chance that it contains lead paint. This type of paint must be removed as soon as possible, as it’s highly toxic. Be sure to hire contractors certified in lead paint remediation and removal to safely get rid of all traces of lead paint.

The maintenance tips listed here apply to all homes, both old and new. Older homes simply need more frequent attention. Caring for your old house is worth the effort, though, as it carries a unique story that deserves to endure.

If you’re looking for ways to take care of your old home, work with a Nashville painting company that has the resources, expertise, and attention to detail required for this task. In addition to interior and exterior painting services, Nash Painting offers pressure washing, surface preparation, wallpaper removal, door refinishing services, and more. To find out more about us, our services, and our values, call us at (615) 829-6858 today!