Celebrate Truck Month with These Auto Dealership Fixes

calander Aug 12 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

While the precise time Truck Month occurs may differ from region to region and dealer to dealer, this savings-rich period happens once a year. As auto prices continue their steady incline, more and more customers are looking for great deals on vehicles of all kinds. So for many auto dealerships, Truck Month is their busiest and potentially most lucrative time. In order to get the most out of this annual occasion, it pays to spruce up your facility beforehand. With so much foot traffic on the horizon, you want your dealership to exude enthusiasm, geniality, and cleanliness. This year, celebrate Truck Month with these auto dealership fixes, touch-ups, and improvements.

How to Maintain a Car Dealership

Aim for a Pristine Exterior

Many auto dealerships feature glass exteriors to show off more of their inventory and provide plenty of natural light for customers and staff. This transparent choice is a double-edged sword, however. After all, it doesn’t take much to get glass dirty. Everything from bird droppings to dust and hand-delivered smudges can make your facility’s outside less than appealing. So, while maintaining a clean exterior is crucial for any type of building, it’s especially important for car dealerships. Plus, with Truck Month right around the corner, you want to make the best impression possible on potential customers and passersby. The best way to ensure an immaculate exterior is by hiring professional pressure washing services. Attempting to pressure wash your dealership’s exterior on your own may end up damaging the glass or your nearby inventory. Experts will come equipped with the proper pressure washing machinery and know how to operate it so your building looks as good as new without harming any of your assets.

Repaint Your Exterior Signage and Features

Even dealerships dominated by glass exteriors feature sections made from other materials, such as brick, concrete, wood, etc. Moreover, most dealers have large signs attached to their buildings and/or nearby poles to let everyone know their name and what types of vehicles they offer. Whatever the case, these non-glass surfaces require regular maintenance to remain bold and clear, namely in the form of commercial exterior painting. If you really want to drive home Truck Month, you might even have professionals paint a large “Truck Month” sign somewhere on the premises (hoisting a big banner is another option that might be better for this temporary time period). Whatever the case, this is a good time to consider brightening up your dealership’s exterior features. You might simply apply fresh coats of existing colors to your building and signage or invest in new colors to accentuate your rebranding efforts. Ultimately, the goal of this periodic painting is to both enhance your business’ curb appeal and protect your surfaces from harm.

Refresh Your Interior Spaces for Truck Month and Beyond

Updating your exterior is key for getting customers in the door. Once you’ve gotten them inside, however, you want to keep up that positive impression. Hiring commercial interior painting professionals should be on your Truck Month to-do list. Of course, painting your interior surfaces is about more than just retaining customers -- it’s also about protecting your surfaces for the long run. Since you’ll likely experience more foot traffic during Truck Month, you want to ensure that your interior remains safe from scratches, scuffs, impacts, and other activity-related damage. While a fresh coat of paint won’t make your dealership invincible, it will give you peace of mind and reduce the amount of touch-ups you must perform.

Patch Up Your Drywall

While we’re on the topic of interior renovations, it’s a good idea to closely examine your walls prior to Truck Month. If it’s been a while since you last made any repairs, there might be a number of dings, dents, and holes in your drywall. Even if these imperfections aren’t very noticeable, taking the time to patch them up is well worth the effort. Smooth, flawless walls send a positive message to customers, even if only subliminally. Plus, it’s important to repair any drywall damage before painting. If you do plan on painting your facility’s interior, then you’ll have to tackle drywall repairs anyway.

Update Your Entry Doors

Just as many dealerships feature large glass exteriors, many also feature large glass entry doors. If your dealership falls into this category, there might not be much more to do than simply clean your glass doors while you’re cleaning the rest of your building. However, if your dealership has solid, paintable entry doors (e.g., wood, vinyl, metal, etc.), it might be worth refreshing them for Truck Month and beyond. Your facility’s front door is the first physical point of contact a customer encounters before entering your business, and outdated, worn down doors can set a negative tone and hinder your sales potential. Conversely, refinishing your front entry door in preparation for increased activity may help bolster your profits and reputation.

Invest in an Ongoing Maintenance Plan

As you prepare for this year’s Truck Month, keep in mind that Truck Month will happen again in another 12 months. Your dealership will most likely host other events within this span of time, too. In other words, there will almost always be something going on at your dealership, and you’ll still want to maintain a steady flow of customers during the less busy periods. As such, you’ll want to keep your space clean, beautiful, and sturdy year-round, which depends on implementing a reliable periodic maintenance plan. One of the best ways to keep your dealership in great shape is to partner up with local painters who have the resources, experience, and flexibility to regularly perform repairs, touch-ups, and other improvements. This way, your facility is always prepared for the next major event and everything in between.

Take Advantage of Auto Dealership Painting Services in Time for Truck Month

While there are plenty of painting companies around Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN, not all of them are capable of caring for auto dealerships. At Nash Painting, we’re proud to include dealerships in the large list of commercial facilities we serve. Allow us to aid in pressure washing, drywall repair, interior & exterior painting, surface repairs, touch-ups, and more. We’re also happy to develop an ongoing maintenance plan designed to protect your time, facility, and budget.

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