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Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Nashville's Historic Homes

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Choosing exterior paint colors for historic homes is an art that requires a blend of aesthetic sensibility and historical knowledge. The right color choice can dramatically transform the appearance of your home, highlighting its architectural features while respecting its historical context.

In this blog post, we delve into understanding different architectural styles and their traditional color schemes. We'll also guide you through popular exterior paint schemes for historic homes and how to strike a balance between compatibility and contrast.

Beyond aesthetics, strategic color choice can increase curb appeal, but it's also essential to consider practical maintenance. We'll explore dramatic exteriors with deep blues & browns versus rosy tones, each bringing unique depth or vibrancy to your home's facade.

We also address local heritage preservation norms that may influence your decision when choosing exterior paint colors for historic homes in Nashville area. Finally, we touch upon advances in scientific techniques that ensure historical accuracy in your selection and practical aspects such as picking complementary hardware details for the perfect finish.

Table of Contents:

Understanding Historic Architectural Styles and Their Color Schemes

To keep it real when picking paint colors for old homes, know the architectural style and its historically accurate color scheme. Each style, like Classicist, Queen Anne, or Folk Victorian, has its own palette. Use it as a guide to make your home look both incredible and correct.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Identifying Your Home's Architectural Style

aStep one in painting your historic house is figuring out its architectural style. This helps you choose a color scheme that vibes with your house's structure.

Exploring Color Palettes of Different Historical Periods

Back in the day, each historical period had its favorite colors. Earthy tones were all the rage during the Colonial era, while vibrant hues ruled the Victorian era.

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Popular Exterior Paint Schemes for Historic Homes

For historic homes, timeless paint schemes remain in style. Take a look at the monochromatic white hues used on windows, trim, and doors, just like the ones on the White House.

The appeal of a monochromatic color scheme

One color, endless elegance. Monochromatic schemes create a harmonious flow and let architectural details shine.

Two-color simplicity - striking the right balance

Why complicate things? Paint the body white and add contrasting accent colors for a touch of character without going overboard.

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Considerations Beyond Aesthetics When Selecting Paint Colors

When it comes to picking exterior house paints for historic buildings, looks aren't everything. In Nashville, homeowners want to boost curb appeal and resale value with their color choices.

Increasing Curb Appeal with Strategic Exterior Colors

Lighter shades can make your home more inviting by reflecting light. And if you want to preserve that old-world charm while still looking modern, go for subtle darker grays for your body color, maybe with a lighter color for your exterior trim. Or, a lighter body color with darker exterior trim. A paint job with subtle contrasts can be truly stunning.

Finding the Balance Between Aesthetics and Maintenance

Don't forget about maintenance when you choose exterior paint colors. Some hues might need more touch-ups due to weather or fading over time.

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Dramatic Exteriors - Deep Blues & Browns vs Rosy Tones

When it comes to creating a striking visual impression during your next paint job, the exterior paint colors you choose play a pivotal role. For homeowners seeking an elegant look for their historic homes in Nashville, deep blues and browns are excellent choices. These rich hues add depth and sophistication to your home's facade.

Dark Blues/Browns - Adding Depth to Your Exteriors

The dark blue or brown shades not only enhance architectural details but also beautifully contrast with lush green landscapes.

Rosy Tones - Bringing Vibrancy into Play

If you prefer something more vibrant, consider rosy tones. When juxtaposed against a clear blue sky or crisp landscaping elements, these lively colors can truly make your property stand out.

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Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Historic Homes in Nashville

Local Heritage Preservation Norms and Guidelines

Before you start painting, know the rules. Nashville takes choosing exterior paint colors for historic homes seriously, so make sure you understand the local heritage preservation norms and guidelines. Don't mess with history or you'll face penalties and project delays.

Get to know the regulations

First things first, find out if your home is in a historic overlay district. If it is, you might need approval for exterior changes, including paint colors. Contact the Metro Historic Zoning Commission or visit their website to learn more about historic zoning overlays.

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Advances in Science for Historical Accuracy

Science has totally rocked the way we do historic home painting. With fancy techniques like cross-section microscopy and lab analyses, we can now uncover the secrets of the past. We're talking about chemically synthesized pigments from the time of the Founding Fathers, people.

Modern Science Unleashed

  • Cross-section microscopy: peeling back the layers of paint like a history detective.
  • Organic analysis: revealing the natural dyes and pigments of yesteryear.
  • Elemental lab analyses: sniffing out those mineral-based paints from way back when.

With all this knowledge, we can go wild and recreate those vibrant paint schemes. It's like time travel, but with a paintbrush.

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Practical Aspects of Painting Your Historic Home

Choosing the right paint is just the beginning. Applying and cleaning up water-based paints can be simple, plus they're beneficial for the environment. But wait, there's more. The hardware details you choose can have a big impact on the overall look.

Picking Complementary Hardware Details

To achieve a cohesive look, consider door knobs, levers, and trim finishes that complement your chosen palette. For example, Schlage Andover Georgian knobs and Accent levers with Camelot trim fit perfectly in a Victorian-inspired makeover. Need more options? How about the Flair lever glass or an Alexandria door knob in aged bronze or polished nickel finish? These final touches will make all the difference.

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When it comes to choosing exterior paint colors for historic homes, don't just wing it - consider the architectural style and historical period.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at Nash Painting. We'd love to help you in your exterior painting journey!