Choosing Kitchen Paint Colors for Your Nashville Home

calander Nov 18 , 2017 user-icon Nash Painting

Kitchens, more than perhaps any other space, set the tone for a home’s style. There’s a huge opportunity in this unique room to add practical value, flavor (in every sense), and personality, all wrapped up in a package that’s just as functional as it is beautiful.

Sound like a tall order?

Choosing the perfect kitchen paint colors can seem a little daunting, but with the right tips, inspiration, and the help of a professional painter, the job can be immensely satisfying.

5 Tips for Picking Kitchen Paint Colors


  • Know Your Color Trends – Does your kitchen always have to be “trendy”? Not necessarily, but trends do help by offering insight into what other homeowners are doing. Whether you fall in love with an option or go running to an opposite look, it can be helpful either way.

  • Choose Your Paint Color Last – Paint is not a “fixed color,” meaning it can be fairly easily changed. Because of this, it’s wise to let your more permanent kitchen attributes drive the color choice and naturally narrow the field. Cabinets, countertops, appliances, etc…

  • Get Inspired by the Materials in Your Kitchen – Let’s say you have granite countertops. Is there a dominant color within the surface that you could draw out and use on your walls? Not only is this strategy a useful way to discover a new color, but it also will automatically coordinate the palette. Thinking outside the swatch can really pay off!

  • Go Neutral or Bold – A light neutral plays well with nearly any other color around it, and is a safe, timeless option. Bold colors can also work well, if you choose them carefully. For tips and examples, take a look at this article that explores the topic more fully.

  • Monochromatic – A monochromatic color scheme is created by choosing one dominant color, and then just slightly modifying it for application across other surfaces. It’s safe because the colors will essentially be cousins, looking similar enough to be relatives without being an exact duplicate. If you have a cabinet paint color that you love, you might want to simply build your monochromatic scheme around them. Take a look at these stylish examples from Better Homes & Gardens to gain a better sense of the possibilities.

Ask About Professional Kitchen Painting Services

Finding a quality professional painting company is always valuable, but especially so when it comes to kitchen painting. There is just no margin for error, and the process demands experience, skill, and deep product knowledge.

If you’re planning to paint your kitchen (or any part of your property) here in the Nashville area, we encourage you to contact us at Nash Painting. It would be our pleasure to serve you and your home.

Trying to match that perfect color?

We recommend purchasing a color muse. It identifies color, sheen and brand of most scanned colors.