Choosing Paint Products and Colors for Your Baby’s Nursery

calander Jan 31 , 2018 user-icon Nash Painting

Children are a unique blessing, and change our lives in unparalleled ways. As a parent, you’ll be more fulfilled and less rested than during perhaps any other time of your life (unless you win the lottery with one of those babies that actually sleep – we hear they do exist!).

Growing your family also changes the way you think about your home and the products you use, making every choice that much more important.

Today, let’s talk about the center of your baby’s world: the nursery.

Fume-Free, Safe Paint for a Nursery

As you prep the space, you’ll likely think about and research cribs, changing stations, diaper pails, diaper brands, decorations, furniture, and more… The list is almost endless.

But, before all those things are added, it starts with paint, and with choosing the right paint to promote a healthy, comforting, (and stylish!) environment. Thankfully, today’s advanced formulas are available in low and zero-VOC form, meaning that the harsh fumes of yesteryear are simply not a threat anymore.

We recommend exploring products like Sherwin-Williams’ Harmony paint.

Not only does Harmony boast a zero-VOC formula (no volatile organic compounds), but it also helps minimize environmental odors. And, if we know one thing about babies, it’s that they’re talented at producing odors.

Nursery Paint Colors – This Is an Important Choice!

As discussed in a recent blog post about home offices, the paint color you choose is more important than many people realize. Colors impact us, and elicit different moods, emotions, and energy levels.

When it comes to your nursery, we recommend choosing a color that promotes calm and relaxation (for your sake and your little one’s). Here are a few popular options you might want to keep in mind!

Sherwin-Williams' Recycled Glass...
Sherwin-Williams’ Recycled Glass…

  • Green – Not only is it more unique than the typical pink or blue, but green is also earthy, warm, and comforting. And, it can grow up with your kiddo by simply changing decor, furniture, etc… Take a look at Sherwin-Williams’ Recycled Glass above for a little inspiration! The name might not be baby-friendly, but the color sure is.
  • Violet – This is a neutral option that acts almost like gray, but has more personality and warmth. As an example take a look at Sherwin-Williams’ Silver Peony!
  • Rethinking Blue – Sure, the typical powdery baby blue may be a timeless choice, but it’s also a little overdone. How about a deeper, more modern option like Distance? This bluish-gray color is not only stylish on its own, but also looks incredible with white trim and accents.
  • Yellow – Warm and inviting, Butterfield is a beautiful example of how you can take traditional yellow to a new level. And, if less is more for you, try using the yellow just as an accent!

Pro Tip:

Talk to your local painting company! This is the absolute best way to connect your nursery with the perfect color, and to chat about all of your product/brand options.

If you live here in the Nashville area, we invite you to give us a call at Nash Painting! It would be our pleasure to serve you.