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Choosing the BEST Paint Products for Your Nashville Home

calander Apr 19 , 2018 user-icon Nash Painting

If you know us at Nash Painting, whether through our blog posts, social media, or maybe through direct experience, you know that we are known for our quality work more than for our low prices. After all, you can always find a painter who will do a job cheaper just for the sake of winning a contract, but what are you sacrificing? What allows that price point to be possible and their doors to still stay open?

Just like a high-end restaurant will never try to compete with a fast food chain, we work hard to offer an exemplary product and experience that is uniquely ours, and of an undeniably higher quality.

We will never be your cheapest option, but we are your best option.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the products we use. And, even more specifically, the exterior paint we choose. After all, with spring here and summer around the corner, this is prime time for exterior house painting in Nashville!

Picking Premium Exterior Paint Products That We Know Will Perform

We choose paints first and foremost based on how we know they will perform. This is informed by our own, direct experience, as we paint, repaint, and maintain local homes.

And, while many other painting companies choose “good” products that are undeniably a cut above the average in quality, we like to reach a little higher up the shelf. The cost is substantially more, sometimes over double the next option down, but we feel comfortable with these products.

After all, exterior paint is more than just a couple of coats of fresh style. The right paint also provides:

  • Surface protection

  • Defense against moisture and pest intrusion

  • A UV barrier

  • Increases the lifespan of your exterior surfaces

  • Inhibits wood rot, decay, and mildew

  • Offers one of the highest returns on investment for your home improvement dollar

  • Our exterior projects come with a 10-year warranty (and many of our paint jobs last substantially longer)!

The key to confident (and confidence-inspiring) exterior painting is certainly found in the quality of preparation and craftsmanship, but also in the very best exterior paint.

So, What Kind of Exterior Paint Do We Choose?

We use Sherwin-Williams’ Emerald exterior paint for the majority of our projects. As we mentioned above, the cost is substantially higher than the lower-end “good” options, even from Sherwin-Williams, but the value this high-end formula offers is equally undeniable.

And, when you compare the value that comes from longer-lasting, more protective paint finishes, the scale begins to tip in favor of the higher initial investment.

Exceptional House Painting Services in Nashville

We are completely transparent about our processes, products of choice, and our price points. And, if you’re ready to discuss YOUR house painting needs, interior or exterior, we would invite you to contact us at Nash Painting! It would truly be our pleasure to put together a customized recipe for total painting success, enhancing and protecting your greatest investment.