Revitalize Your Space: Mastering the Art of Wallpaper Selection and Implementation

calander Jan 29 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

Embarking on an interior design journey offers an exhilarating array of choices, with wallpaper still holding a cherished spot despite its waning trendiness. Its decline has, interestingly, carved a niche for wallpaper removal businesses. Yet, this classic decorative element presents unique ways to inject personality into your living spaces without feeling outdated. Here's how to select wallpaper that aligns with your aesthetic and functional desires.

Understanding Wallpaper Materials

While “wallpaper” suggests a paper-based material, modern options extend to myriad substances. Traditional vinyl, luxurious fabric, sleek glass, or eco-friendly bamboo each offer distinct cost, durability, texture, and design flexibility advantages. Your choice should reflect your room's functional needs and style preferences.

Coordinating Color, Pattern, and Theme

Selecting wallpaper involves a strategic play of colors and patterns, akin to home interior painting. Choosing designs that harmonize with your room's palette and theme is vital. Embracing bold patterns or textures is welcome, but maintain a cohesive visual flow to avoid a discordant or overwhelming look.

Using Wallpaper as an Accent

Wallpaper needn't cover every inch of your walls. Using it to accentuate one wall is a popular design tactic, providing the impactful presence of a feature wall with more intricate design possibilities than paint alone. If you opt for this approach, accurately calculate the required wallpaper quantity to avoid excess spending.

Exploring the Faux Finish Alternative

Beyond traditional wallpaper, faux finishes offer a compelling middle ground. These artistic techniques, applied by professional painters, mimic materials like marble or wood, delivering the visual intrigue of wallpaper with the familiarity of paint. Consider this option for a unique, albeit potentially pricier, décor statement.

Choosing the Right Experts for Your Wallpaper Project

Successful wallpaper installation or removal demands expertise and precision. Collaborate with Nash Painting, where we extend beyond mere painting services to help you navigate wallpaper choices, ensuring your space reflects your dream interior. Discover more about our commitment to excellence and wide-ranging services by calling (615) 829-6858 today!