Church Painting in Nashville: Protecting and Enhancing Places of Worship

calander Nov 16 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

When you hear the term “commercial painting”, it most often conjures images of what we in the industry call “blow and go” painting. Essentially completing a job like a whirlwind, focusing far more on getting in and getting out than producing high-end work.

We understand that approach, but it’s not for us.

Certainly timelines, deadlines, and budgets need to drive a project, but we prefer to paint in a way that reflects our higher standards. And, no industry calls for this approach more than painting churches.

What’s Involved in Church Painting?

Here’s a closer look at what our clients tend to appreciate most about our Nashville church painting services, and why we’ve earned a reputation for quality work.

And, if you’d like to see a real-life example of exterior church painting, take a look at this article about a historic church we painted in College Grove (and watch this video as well).

#1: Scheduling Flexibility

Churches are busy spaces, with activities running throughout the week. We have a deep level of experience with juggling rotating schedules, prioritizing spaces, and adapting to unique requirements.

#2: Detail-Oriented Approach

Yes, we need to meet your deadlines, but we also make sure that the work we finish is completed to your standards (and ours). Especially in a house of worship, this level of finish quality is essential.

#3: Respectful Work Practices and Job Site

Orderly work, respectful craftspeople, thorough setup and clean up... Every step is crucial, especially when we are entrusted with the unique environment within a church. With a long history of working in high-end homes, we are no stranger to creating and maintaining this level of care.

#4: Beautiful Finish Quality

We never, ever cut corners, taking the time to do the job correctly. After all, investing time in the right approach delivers a far superior product, both in relation to its performance and aesthetic value.

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