Commercial Painting: The 5 Best Office Paint Colors

calander Feb 6 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

If you, like so many others, work in an office, you’re probably aware of the importance of atmosphere. Spending the better part of a day inside a bleak, boxed-in building is a recipe for a bad mood, which can result in poor productivity. Among all of the design decisions a business owner can make, choosing office colors may have the greatest impact of all. As a Nashville painting company who has transformed many offices in our day, we can attest to this.

Psychologists and designers have found that different colors can affect morale, productivity, and even creativity. Neutral tones tend to keep things calm while vivid colors amp things up. So, if you want your workplace to run at full power, whatever that means for your business, choose your color scheme wisely.

Of course, color selection is subjective, and your brand’s unique flavor and atmosphere might warrant different colors than the ones on our list. But if you’re not sure where to begin when selecting colors for your office, and you’re looking for ways to reinvigorate your team, these suggestions might inspire you. Let’s go over the five best office paint colors.

1. Shades of Blue

Evidence suggests that the color blue corresponds to greater focus and productivity. Whether or not that’s true, there’s no doubt that blue tones often have a calming effect. Of course, there is a wide range of blues to consider, from lighter, sky tones to dark, rich navy shades. Your interior painting contractors can help you out by providing samples so you can find the right blue for you. Ultimately, darker blues will make your workplace feel more intimate while lighter blues will open things up.

2. Go Green

You’ve likely seen an uptick of green commercial spaces in recent years. Green has become especially prominent in financial institutions, not so subtly representing the color of cash. But green is more than just a symbol of wealth and ambition-- it also reflects nature and life, especially darker, earthier green tones. The type of green you choose will drastically alter your office’s feel, but many green shades are conducive to a productive office. Lighter, brighter greens will add some vigor to your space while darker greens, like darker blues, will provide some reassurance, focus, and balance.

3. Grey… But Not Only Grey

Grey might seem counterintuitive to your goal of revitalizing your office space. After all, we often associate grey with blandness, rainy days, and melancholy. However, the neutrality of grey can provide a tranquil, balanced backdrop to an office, giving the eyes a place to rest when it’s time to take a breather. Just make sure your local interior painters are graceful with their grey distribution. If every room is the same grey shade, this can bring everyone down. Likewise, interrupt the color with some bright, saturated accents like orange, teal, yellow, green, etc. These colors might enter in the form of furniture, artwork, decorations, or accent walls. Mixing it up can bring some bursts of energy when they’re needed.

4. Brown, Believe it Or Not

Much like grey, brown might not be the first color choice that comes to mind for maximizing office morale. But brown boasts a certain grounded, sturdy appeal that adds warmth and strength to an office. Introducing shades of brown to your workplace can fortify your team’s resolve and keep everyone focused and on the same page. To balance things out, consider decorating the office with some green plant life.

5. Not-So-Obvious Orange

No doubt about it, too much orange can assault the eye. But sometimes this saturated blast is just what an office needs to remain energized throughout the day. Indeed, many modern businesses have begun to incorporate orange in their branding and office spaces perhaps for this very reason. Orange is exciting, welcoming, and fun. You don’t want to overwhelm with orange, though, so use it sparingly if you’re unsure. Have your local painters coat a single wall this color for starters. If it works out, you might bring in more orange in the future.

Color Selection Paralysis?

Even if the five color suggestions above have sparked an idea, you might not know where to go from there. After all, within each color category are hundreds, if not thousands of individual options, some only slightly different from another. Fortunately, the Nashville painters at Nash Painting can help you narrow down your decision with our paint color selection services.

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