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Commercial Painting: What to Know Before Painting Your Business

calander Oct 28 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

Giving your business a fresh coat of paint helps protect it from damage and decay and entices new customers to come inside. But while choosing to paint your property might be a no-brainer, the details can be more complex. Commercial painting projects consist of many variables, such as cost, time, work required, and more. If you’re not prepared, your business’ bottom line might take a hit. Here’s what you should know before painting your business.

It’s Almost Always Worth it to Hire Professionals

If your workplace is large, you might not even consider tackling this project on your own, even with the help of your employees. However, smaller businesses might think about painting their space themselves to save a buck. While there’s nothing wrong with a do-it-yourself spirit, you should know that it’s often more cost-effective in the long run to hire professional local painters to coat your surfaces, even if your space is limited. If you go it alone you might have to touch-up your surfaces often, if not repaint everything again shortly after.

Experienced painters have the resources and knowledge to get the job done properly and efficiently. They will bring the right number of contractors to tackle the project, use high-quality paint products, apply the paint with proper technique, and clean up after themselves when it’s over. Unless you’re completely confident in your ability to paint your business, hiring professionals will give you better, longer-lasting results. Plus, you can focus on your business’s operations while they handle the painting.

Know What You Want

It’s always best to have an idea of what you want your business to look like before you even hire a painting company. For instance, think about the colors and finishes you want for both interior & exterior painting. Does anything else need painting, like a fence or patio? What else needs to get done, and can the company you hire handle it? The more details you have, the easier it will be to choose a service provider, and the easier it will be for them to draft, estimate, and gather the necessary materials for the job.

Understand What Goes into an Estimate

Hiring a Nashville painting company to paint your business might save you time and money down the road, but it will cost you upfront. If you’re running your business well, you most likely have a budget, and renovations such as painting will have to fit into those parameters. Of course, it’s difficult to know what a commercial paint job will cost if you don’t understand how estimates are determined.

The major components of an estimate are labor costs and material costs. You don’t have to get the numbers exactly right, but doing some math on your own can help you get a sense of what the project might cost, and if it fits into your budget. Measure the surfaces that need painting, and then look up how many gallons of paint are needed to cover that surface area, and what that would cost. Then, research the average hourly wages for painters in your area (Nashville, TN).

Put all this together to get a rough estimate of your own so you know what to expect when your service sends you theirs. Also, note that different painting companies will charge different amounts based on their reputation and quality of services.

Prepare to Shut Down or at Least Slow Operations

Paying for services isn’t the only cost to consider when painting your business. You must also think about the potential loss of revenue associated with closing down or restricting your operations during the project. Many businesses avoid or mitigate this situation by hiring services during holidays, weekends, overnights, or other times when they’d be closed anyway. Of course, generally speaking, exterior painting services should only work during the day and in temperate weather conditions, so scheduling is more limited in these cases.

Also, make sure all employees are aware of a painting project so they don’t accidentally step on, touch, or ingest wet paint.

Repairs and Cleaning Come Before Painting

Lastly, a commercial paint job is often more than just a paint job. This simply means that other types of work are required before painting should begin. For instance, businesses should take care of repairs and have their surfaces cleaned before painting. Power washing siding and other exterior surfaces can help remove dirt, mold, mildew, and old peeling paint as well as reveal areas in need of repair. To save time and money, look for painting services that offer pressure washing and repair services in addition to their painting offerings.

Even if your business is small, painting it can be a big undertaking. Know what you’re getting yourself into before going at it yourself or hiring the first painting service you find. Nash Painting goes above and beyond other painting companies by not only providing pressure washing, surface preparation, and additional services, but also in our commitment to details, quality, and building relationships with each customer.

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