Do You Have the Best Deck Paint and Stain for Your Climate?

calander Jul 21 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to painting or staining a deck. The best coating for one deck might not be the best coating for another. Personal preference plays a role in choosing a deck stain or paint, in regards to transparency, color, durability, etc. Beyond these concerns, though, you must also consider your local climate if you want your stain or paint to stand the test of time.

Factors such as average temperature, sunlight, humidity, pests, wind, and more must be taken into account, as they all pose a threat to your exterior surfaces and may affect the application and drying processes of painting or staining. Of course, these various environmental concerns may be more or less of an issue based on where you live.

So, do you have the best deck paint and stain for your climate?

Finding the Best Deck Paint and Stain for Your Climate

The Best Paints and Stains for Regular Rains

If you live in a particularly humid, rainy area, you’ll want a wood deck stain or paint designed to protect your surfaces from moisture intrusion. Generally speaking, water-based deck stains do the trick. Water-based deck stains easily seep into the wood’s pores, sealing it from moisture and other small, harmful particles. As a result, this type of stain tends to prevent mildew growth and rot. Additionally, most of these stains are relatively easy to clean. Still, even a high-quality, water-based stain will not last forever, and will likely need touching up about every two years. It’s worth noting that while these coatings protect your deck from moisture, you should apply them when it’s dry and temperate outside to ensure proper bonding.

Coating Your Deck in a Dry Heat Climate

If you live in a hot, dry climate, you obviously don’t have to worry as much about moisture intrusion. You do, however, have to think about the onslaught of UV radiation from the sun and high temperatures. Oil-based deck stains are optimal for this environment, as they are generally UV-resistant and penetrate even deeper into the wood than water-based stains. The heat and dryness also make it easier to apply oil-based stains, which naturally take a while to dry (especially in cooler, damper climates). If you want your oil-based stain to look its best for the longest time, though, consider choosing a transparent or semi-transparent finish, as the sun’s rays will cause solid stains and wood deck paint to fade over time.

How about Hot and Cold Climates?

The climates of some regions can’t seem to make up their minds, wildly fluctuating within a single day. If you live in such an area, finding the right deck paint or stain for the job can be challenging. Ultimately, though, you want a coating that is flexible enough to deal with unpredictable climate, especially dips and spikes in temperature. For these purposes, consider 100% acrylic deck paint. These deck paints don’t easily crack or peel as they are elastic enough to move with the contracting and expanding of the deck itself due to temperature changes.

Focus on the Features

When choosing a deck paint or stain, take the time to read the product’s description and features. For instance, you might specifically look for a waterproof deck stain. Perhaps you want a deck paint with strong UV protection and/or slip resistance. Whatever the case may be, most manufacturers list such features as major selling points, helping you determine which options are right for your specific needs.

Sifting through the seemingly endless amount of deck coating options is a daunting task. It might seem even more daunting to find the best one for your climate. However, keeping your climate in mind can actually help narrow and focus your deck paint and stain search. The key is knowing what to look for and why. But if you need assistance making this call and/or applying your coatings, seek out Nash Paintings deck staining services.

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