Nash Painting | Does Your Exterior Paint Quality Matter?

Does Your Exterior Paint Quality Matter?

calander Jul 22 , 2022 user-icon Nash Painting

Getting ready to tackle an exterior repaint in Nashville, or maybe still comparing estimates from paint contractors? Different painters advocate for different brands, and sometimes don’t specify what they’re using at all.

It’s time to hit pause.

Does paint quality really matter, or is it all basically the same? It’s a good question, and one we often hear from homeowners. After all, some brands are super cheap, while others are pretty steep. The truth is, paint quality DOES matter, and has a drastic impact on the overall finish and longevity of your exterior paint job. That’s pretty critical to consider, especially since house painting is a substantial investment.

We also hate to see when a homeowner tackles a do-it-yourself painting project with low-grade paint from the big home improvement stores. The price points are attractive, the marketing is flashy, and the colors look good, but it’s just not going to last.

Here’s a closer look at what you need to know.

Why is some exterior paint better than others?

Well, for the same reason that a home-cooked meal tastes better than fast food: the ingredients. When you get a higher-grade exterior house paint, you're not just buying a name, but investing in better overall components. Your pigment (color), resin, and binder are all better at their job, delivering better performance overall.

  • Better color retention over time (less fading)

  • Increased durability

  • Better coverage, meaning that less product is needed to achieve the same results

  • Better “hide,” allowing your paint to cover repairs and blemishes more effectively

Good paint is the gift that keeps on giving.

How long should exterior paint last in Nashville?

The answer to that question hinges on a whole host of factors. What we can say is that if you properly clean, prepare, and paint the surface with high-quality paint, you’re going to set yourself up for the best results possible. Here at Nash Painting, for example, we are meticulous about our process and selective with our products, and this allows us to confidently offer a 10-year warranty (but many of our projects last 12-18 years!). That’s practically unheard of in the house painting industry. We didn’t land on that number arbitrarily either; we intentionally chose it to reflect the trust we have in our entire process. And that includes the exterior paint we choose.

What kind of exterior paint do professionals use?

Different pros lean on different paint manufacturers: Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Kelly-Moore… What matters most is that your estimate outlines the process and products your painter will be using, and that they can tell you WHY they’re approaching your project in that specific way. If it’s vague, or you discover that they’re using a bargain-brand paint, please consider another painting company. When you’re investing in a large-scale exterior project, there’s just too much on the line. Paying for 2-3 cheap projects is more expensive than paying once for a job done right.

Have more exterior painting questions?

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