Don't Scare Away Trick-or-Treaters. Here Are Some Top Exterior Painting Tips

calander Oct 2 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Halloween is supposed to be filled with frights. Creepy costumes, hair-raising decorations, and spine-chilling stories make for a proper atmosphere on the evening of October 31st. Still, it’s not all scary on Halloween. After all, there are supposed to be at least as many treats as there are tricks on this holiday. Part of the fun of those aforementioned frights is looking forward to the various delights that come with them -- candy, in particular. So, if you plan on hosting eager and sugar-crazed trick-or-treaters this Halloween, you don’t actually want to scare them away (at least not too much). Outfitting your home with spooky decorations is one thing, but displaying a deteriorated exterior is something else entirely. And as the weather continues its steady decline through fall towards winter, now’s the time to think about refreshing your house exterior.

Here are some key exterior painting tips to consider incorporating this autumn.

Get a Head Start on Planning

You might already know this, but it’s worth keeping in mind regardless: the sooner you start planning for residential exterior painting, the better. For one thing, it takes time to find the best contractor for your unique needs (we’ll further discuss these matters in a bit), and once you do, there’s no guarantee that they will be available as soon as you’d like them to be. While there’s still plenty of time to complete your exterior painting project, you don’t want to wait much longer to get started. Some projects can take multiple weeks to finish. Even if you’re not concerned about having your home repainted in time for Halloween, you probably want to have it done before the remainder of the holiday season. After all, winter is never as far off as it seems, and you won’t be able to paint your exterior once things get cold enough outside.

So, don’t wait to research and set up consultations with local painting contractors. You’ll thank yourself later on for being proactive.

Know the Importance of Proper Surface Preparation

Speaking of being proactive, you’ll have to tackle a few important tasks before painting begins. In most cases, the exterior painters you hire will handle these things for you, offering built-in pressure washing services, sanding, paint removal, caulking, etc. If you’re looking to save some money, of course, you can do some of this prep work yourself. Just note that going the DIY route can leave you with inferior results (and can be costly in its own right). Either way, this surface prep work must get done if you want your new exterior paint job to look its best and stand the test of time.

Receive Multiple Estimates from Local Painters

Unless you already have a positive history with a painting provider, you’ll want to explore your options before making a decision. Many factors go into this process, of course, but price will inevitably be the first thing on your mind. A good way to sort out your painting budget is to receive as many free estimates as possible within your timeframe and compare the quotes. Depending on the various painters in question, you might find a wide range of cost projections. Don’t instantly cling to the lowest estimate, however -- while not always the case, a quote that seems too good to be true often comes with hidden caveats. For one thing, the painting provider might be inexperienced and desperate for business, in which case you might receive sub-par results (which are more costly in the long run). The painter with the lowest quote might also charge you more than you expected in the end due to a lack of transparency (e.g., unforeseen expenses, hidden fees, etc.).

This isn’t to say you should jump to the candidate with the highest estimate, either. Rather, you should use these quotes to determine your ideal budget and then do further research into each painter to see which option will likely provide the best results for their offer. Factors such as communication, timeliness, cooperation, transparency, and commitment to customer satisfaction are key in making this decision, so read plenty of online reviews.

Research the Right Type of Paint for Your Siding and Other Features

Exterior painting projects are not all alike. The details of these projects differ based on things like the home’s size, shape, age, and materials. If your home features a brick exterior, for example, your painters should use a different type of exterior house paint than they would when painting, say, a home with vinyl siding -- the surface prep that occurs beforehand will also look somewhat different. The professionals you hire should be well-versed in different paint types and their applications for different kinds of surfaces, but it’s important to do your own research as well. The more you know about these matters, the more empowered you’ll be to ask questions and more thoroughly vet potential exterior painters.

Keep Up with Color Trends

How do you want your home to look when your exterior painting project is complete? This question is one that should always be on your mind from the moment you begin planning until the very end. Obviously, you’re aiming for smooth, beautiful, durable results that enhance your home’s curb appeal. More specifically, though, you’ll want to incorporate a specific color scheme. Unless you’ve got a strong vision from the outset, selecting exterior paint colors is challenging. Not only must you take your personal preferences into account -- you must also consider how your home will look in the context of your neighborhood. If you’re truly lost in this process, your residential exterior painting contractors may be able to help. After all, these professionals will have experience painting multiple properties around your area, so they’ll have a finger on the pulse of the latest local painting trends. Even if you don’t wish to follow the herd completely, having a window into these modern trends will help you make a more informed decision about the colors you choose for your home’s exterior.

Welcome Trick-or-Treaters with a Freshly Painted Exterior

Your home’s exterior can certainly set the tone for trick-or-treaters this Halloween, but this doesn’t mean you want paint to peel away from your siding. Making a kid’s day (or evening, rather) is the best part of this holiday, and a beautiful home exterior will serve as a welcoming backdrop for whatever spooky decorations you plan on hanging up. The clock is ticking for home exterior painting projects, so don’t wait too much longer to start planning! If you need help at any stage of the game, Nash Painting is here. We’ve served countless homeowners and businesses across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN with our various painting and preparation services.

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