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Door Refinishing: Are You Overdue?

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One of the most challenging aspects of property renovation and maintenance is knowing when to tackle a particular project. It’s one thing to respond to a pressing issue like a cracked floor, broken window, or leaky roof, but less noticeable and/or more gradual problems might get swept under the rug. Updating your doors is a prime example of this dilemma -- unless a door is no longer functional, you might not be in any hurry to fix it up and refresh its appearance. No one would blame you for putting this project off, as a wood door refinishing project can cost anywhere between $400 and $1,300 (depending on various factors) and leave you without a door for an extended period of time (i.e. several hours). That said, neglecting your doors isn’t a winning strategy, either. At some point, the time will come where it simply makes sense to refinish your doors.

Questions to Ask About Door Refinishing

Is Your Home Losing its Outward Appeal?

A home’s exterior consists of many aspects that work in concert to leave a lasting impression -- siding, trim, windows, roof, walkway, front steps/porch, paint job, and so on. It’s difficult to overstate the role a front door plays in this curb appeal equation. In many ways, a front door ties the whole exterior together and acts as a central point of focus. When people view your home from the outside, chances are they’ll notice your front door before just about any other feature.

With that in mind, a worn-down front door drags down a property’s entire appearance. Even if you’ve recently invested in exterior home painting for your siding, a neglected front door will overshadow the rest of this work. You might not care all that much about what passersby think of your home’s presentation, but keep in mind that curb appeal is a major determinant in calculating your home’s market value. Even if you’re not thinking of selling your home now, that time may come, and if it does, you’ll want to receive the maximum payment for your property -- something as seemingly small as keeping your doors in tip-top shape can make a difference in this regard.

Is Your Business Losing Customers?

It’s not only homeowners who must think about the state of their doors -- there is much at stake for business owners in this regard as well. After all, the front door of a store or office is a customer’s initial point of entry, one which often makes a strong impression and sets the tone for whatever awaits inside. If your customers encounter a dilapidated, dull, dingy door, they might enter your business with low expectations, if they enter at all. Of course, a filthy, flimsy front door might not be the main reason your business is experiencing fewer sales or foot traffic -- however, this factor cannot be overlooked.

One way to determine if your doors are overdue for a refinishing job is to step outside and look upon your exterior as if you were a customer. What is the first thing you notice? Is it your front door? If so, are your eyes drawn to it because it’s bold and beautiful or because it’s old and worn down? If it’s the latter, it’s time to update your door. Even if you’re reluctant, remember that door refinishing is an important investment, one that can boost your business’ reputation, attract more customers, and increase sales.

Are Your Doors Falling Apart?

As mentioned earlier, most people don’t respond to a problem with their property until it’s right in their face. But even if your doors still work as they should, there are a number of tell-tale signs that suggest your doors are overdue for refinishing, including but not limited to:

  • Peeling, flaking, chipping paint, stain, or varnish
  • Faded color/discoloration
  • Warped wood
  • Water damage/rot
  • Broken moldings and designs
  • Loose hardware

It’s crucial to regularly inspect your doors for such issues to prevent larger problems from occurring. From there, hire only the most experienced commercial or residential painting services to further assess your doors and properly refinish and restore them.

Are You Tired of the Way Your Doors Look?

What if your doors are in fine condition? If this is the case, there may be no rush to refinish your doors. However, you might want to invest in this project anyway as a means for updating your property’s aesthetic. Simply put, if you’re no longer happy with the color, finish, or hardware of your door, having it refinished by professional home painting services might be in the cards. Of course, if you don’t like anything about your current door, you might want to replace the thing entirely. Just note that a door replacement is often more costly and complicated than a refinishing or repainting job.

When Did You Last Refinish or Repaint Your Doors?

Like most home maintenance and renovation tasks, door refinishing is time-sensitive, meaning there are general recommendations regarding how often you should update your doors. Try to remember how long it’s been since you refinished your doors (if you ever have in the first place). If you can’t remember or you recall that it’s been over five years, you might be overdue for door refinishing by default. That said, whether or not your door is truly overdue depends on various factors, such as whether it was previously stained or painted and how susceptible it is to damage from environmental threats like sunlight, wind, rain, heat, cold, etc.

Ideally, a stained wooden door should receive a new coat of stain every 1-2 years (2-3 years in milder regions). Painted doors don’t require a fresh coat nearly as often (usually 5-10 years) but doing so can reduce the wood’s longevity. Either way, a full refinishing project goes beyond merely staining or painting a door. Refinishing involves removing hardware and the door itself, sanding, scraping, sealing, re-installing the door, and more. If you think you might be overdue for door refinishing, reach out to reliable local painters -- they can take a good look at your door and determine what type of care it needs.

Is a Door Refinishing Project Knocking?

Your doors can easily get lost in the scramble to maintain every other part of your property. However, doors are integral features of your home or business, and as such, must be given the attention they deserve. If you’re overdue for door refinishing, the painting professionals at Nash Painting are here to help. We’ve transformed countless homes and businesses in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN through our various custom painting solutions.

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