Dos and Don’ts of Wallpaper Removal

calander Nov 11 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

You want to paint your bedroom, bonus room, or bathroom as part of updating your home interior paint job. But there’s one thing standing in your way: outdated wallpaper.

A YouTube search or two shows you how “easy” it is to remove wallpaper yourself. But removing wallpaper before painting can be complicated, messy, and frustrating without the right tools, equipment, and expertise for the job.

Wallpaper Removal: Don’ts

  • Don’t Damage Walls: The solvents most DIY videos recommend may remove wallpaper and adhesive effectively, but your walls could be damaged in the process. If the whole point of removing wallpaper before painting is to preserve, enhance, and improve the look of your walls, making costly mistakes while removing wallpaper could undo all that.
  • Don’t Make a Mess: Wallpaper scraps, adhesive, wallpaper-removing solvents, scrapers and tools … do you really want all that scattered all over your floor? Cleanup after wallpaper removal can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if it’s just you tackling the entire project.
  • Don’t Wonder if It’s Done: Even if you get the wallpaper off, you may be left wondering if everything was truly and completely removed from the surface of your walls.
  • Don’t Ruin Your Paint Job: Painting your home interior means making sure every surface is thoroughly prepped, cleaned, and dried first. This is a more specialized process when you need to remove wallpaper, and skipping a step will damage your paint job down the line.

Wallpaper Removal: Dos

Working with professional house painters is a wise investment in improving your home. They’ll be sure to check all the boxes when it comes to removing stubborn wallpaper from your rooms or hallways.

  • Use Proper Materials: Professional painters know which solvents, which removal techniques, and which tools to use to remove wallpaper completely without damaging your walls.
  • Plan the Project Accurately: Painting teams who are experienced at removing wallpaper know how much time it takes for the removal, drying, prepping, and cleanup that needs to happen before your home can be painted. You won’t waste your valuable time, and you won’t get in over your head on a project that takes you longer than you thought to finish on your own.
  • Prepare Surfaces Properly: Wallpaper removal means that your surface prep before painting will look different in those rooms. Experienced painters know how to prep previously wallpapered walls so your new primers and paints stick properly and look great for years to come.

Why stress over wallpaper removal when you could set yourself up for success? Nash Painting teams are experts at removing wallpaper and our results speak for themselves.

We can help you get the job done right the first time, without a costly do-over down the road. And we’ll get it done without the mess. We cover all room surfaces and furniture before starting any job. We also complete post-project cleanup so you can focus on enjoying your updated space without stressing over an untidy room.

Call Nash Painting today for a wallpaper removal estimate and tackle this important project with greater peace of mind.