Elegant Interiors: Fairway View Residence Update by Nash Painting

calander Aug 22 , 2023 user-icon Nash Painting

Old Hickory, a historic corner within the expansive Davidson County, houses the scenic Fairway View subdivision. Recently, a beautiful home within the Waterford neighborhood of Fairway View embarked on a refreshing journey, revamping its interiors with pristine paint choices. Nash Painting proudly led this transformation, aiming to bring out the innate elegance of the spaces.

Project Breakdown:

City: Old Hickory
Subdivision: Fairway View
County: Davidson
Neighborhood: Waterford

Work Undertaken: Interior Painting
Chosen Shades:

  • SW Spun Cotton in Flat finish
  • W Egret White 7570 in Flat finish

Paint Line: Sherwin Williams Cashmere

Crafting Calm with Colors

The chosen shades for this project, SW Spun Cotton and W Egret White, have a soft elegance that perfectly complements the home's aesthetics. The master bathroom, bathed in these gentle hues, now emanates a spa-like calm. In spaces like the hall, kitchen, and living room, these colors create a seamless flow, enriching the overall ambiance.

Both shades, selected from Sherwin Williams Cashmere line, promise not only a beautiful matte finish but also durability. The combination ensures the home's interiors remain inviting and fresh for years to come.

Nash Painting: Tailoring Excellence to Every Home

Our experience with the Fairway View residence in Waterford was more than just about paint; it was about understanding the home's character and enhancing it. Each brushstroke was applied with precision, guaranteeing an outcome that marries aesthetics with longevity.

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