Painting my porch blue; a beautiful tradition

calander Jun 18 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

Summer is the prime season for exterior painting, and our team has been diligently transforming homes across Nashville with vibrant new colors and finishes. If you're contemplating a fresh coat for your own home, let us spark your imagination with our recent project's captivating color scheme!

This home's sleek neutral tones, complemented by crisp white trim and an eye-catching statement door, exemplify modern elegance. What's more, the unexpected pop of blue on the porch ceiling adds a delightful surprise!

Did You Know?

The tradition of painting porch ceilings blue, especially a shade known as “Haint Blue,” has more than just aesthetic origins. This practice started in the southern U.S., with the belief that the color would ward off unwanted spirits. Today, while the spiritual significance may have faded, the timeless appeal of a blue porch ceiling continues to enchant homeowners and passersby alike. If you're curious, here's more about this charming tradition.

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