Get Your Patio Ready for July 4th Cookouts

calander Jun 13 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

After a somewhat tepid celebration last Independence Day (and for good reason), people across the United States are planning to go all out for this summer’s festivities -- within reason, of course. As the nation works its way back towards normalcy, you might already have your Fourth of July plans in place. Nothing is more traditional than a good old fashioned cookout. If you’re hosting your fair share of festive gatherings this season, you want to make sure your deck and/or patio are primed for the occasion. Things are already heating up across Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood, TN, so now’s the perfect time to get started on your patio improvement project. Here are some tips for getting your patio ready for memorable cookouts during the Fourth of July and all summer long.

Remove Furniture and Appliances from Your Patio

Depending on the last time you used your patio, there may or may not be furniture resting on it. Either way, you’ll want to remove any and all un-fixed objects from your patio so you can get to work without interference. Move what you can to a safe location so it doesn’t get stolen, lost, or damaged by any of the processes we’ll discuss below, such as power washing, staining/painting, etc.

Sweep Away Loose Debris

Once your patio is a blank slate, grab a sturdy broom and give it a good sweeping. Even if you cleaned your patio fairly recently, there’s bound to be some dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris that need to be cleared from your patio’s surfaces. You might also consider rinsing and/or wet mopping your patio flooring to pick up even more dirt, but this process is rendered obsolete by the one we’re about to mention: power washing.

Power Wash Your Patio

Pressure washing is the most efficient way to thoroughly clean your patio’s surfaces, especially if your patio suffers from stubborn contamination from mold or mildew; it’s also a key step in surface preparation if you plan on recoating your patio floors. Keep in mind, though, that this cleaning method poses some risks and may not be warranted for your purposes. For one thing, you might not have access to a pressure washer or know how to operate one properly. Improper usage of these devices can damage your patio, siding, lawn, and cause injury if you’re not careful. As such, hiring professional pressure washing services is often the way to go when it’s time to deeply clean your patio. These experts not only have the right equipment for the job -- they know which detergents, nozzles, and power setting to use. If your patio is small enough, it might make more sense to manually scrub it instead of power washing it. Either way, you want to make your patio squeaky clean before moving on.

Revitalize Your Patio Flooring

Now that you’re looking at a cleared, cleaned patio, you can get a better sense of its current condition. As you examine your patio, you might notice that its flooring is filled with fractures, holes, and other forms of damage. If so, you’ll want to make necessary repairs and/or consider resurfacing your patio flooring. Minor issues like holes in concrete or loose wooden boards (depending on your patio’s material composition) are typically easy to fix. Larger issues, such as widespread rot or deep, wide cracks, often require major repairs, replacements, and/or complete resurfacing. Investing in these repairs is key in prolonging the lifespan of your patio and ensuring its ongoing safety for cookouts and other gatherings. After your patio is stable once more, you might finish the job with a coat of patio/deck stain or paint to further protect its surfaces and enhance its appearance for summer fun.

Take Your Entire Exterior into Account

Your patio doesn’t exist in a vacuum -- it’s one component of your entire outdoor area. So, if you’re looking to prepare your patio for summer cookouts, you must also consider the condition and look of your other exterior features, such as your siding and landscape. After you’ve finished fixing and improving your patio, you might decide that some residential exterior painting is in order to match your patio’s fresh appearance. You might also take a look at your lawn and decide that you could enhance your outdoor space with some gardening, pruning, and other landscaping efforts. Caring for your landscape in this way will also allow you to set up other areas for people to sit and eat so you can invite even more people over for the Fourth of July. Lastly, complete your Independence Day setup with festive decorations; American flags, banners, red white and blue string lights, and other similarly themed features are always the way to go.

Furnish Your Patio Accordingly

Now’s the time to mull over your ideal patio layout. As you optimize and decorate your outdoor space as a whole, it’s time to bring back your chairs and tables or invest in brand new furniture to give everyone a place to relax and eat. Grill placement is also important -- you’ll want to keep it far enough away from your seating area to keep the heat away from everyone while you cook, but you don’t want to be so far away that people can’t smell the delicious scents of summer barbecue!

Keep Bugs at Bay

Other than the weather, the only thing standing in the way of a perfect Fourth of July patio cookout are pests, namely mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and other aggressive insects. The warm weather coupled with the alluring smells from your grill can attract countless bugs to your patio and bother everyone outside. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep these unwelcome visitors away. Maintaining a clean, sealed patio is a good start. Beyond this, though, consider installing plant life that naturally repels certain types of pests. You can also burn citronella torches and hang anti-insect lights on your patio. Certain paint colors can also fend off certain insects; your outside house painters might know a thing or two about this.

Enjoy Good Food and Great Company This Independence Day

America’s 245th birthday is right around the corner. If you’re itching to gather with family and friends after a stifled year, you’re not alone. Let the experts at Nash Painting help you prepare your patio for a summer to remember. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!