Give the Gift of Appreciation with Repairs in These Office Common Areas

calander Dec 25 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

The holidays represent many different things, but we can all agree that they provide the perfect opportunity to express gratitude for the people in our lives. Your family and friends will be at the top of this list, of course, but your coworkers and employees make a mark on your life, too. Giving out holiday bonuses and conducting gift exchanges are common ways to let your people know they’re valued, but they’re not the only ones. With the new year approaching, you might think of ways to provide you and your people with a refreshed work environment, especially in those often-used common spaces (e.g., break rooms, conference rooms, shared work spaces, etc.).

Here’s how you can give the gift of appreciation with repairs in these office common areas this holiday season.

The Best Office Common Area Repairs

Do a Deep Clean of Common Areas in Your Office

Every office could use a thorough cleaning at least twice a year. Staying on top of regular cleaning tasks throughout the year will maintain strong morale and help prevent larger issues from occurring, but these basic tasks aren’t enough on their own to keep your office in great shape over the long term. A professional deep clean includes dusting and disinfecting of all surfaces, high-powered vacuuming and floor cleaning, thorough cleaning of appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves, and much more. Deep cleaning not only increases health and safety outcomes in your office -- it also helps reveal areas of concern so you can address any previously unknown repairs. The holidays present a prime opportunity to invest in deep cleaning services because of extended downtime. And when it’s time to return to the office, your people will appreciate how bright and fresh everything looks.

Reconfigure Your Office Layout

Though not a repair, per se, changing up your office’s layout is another great way to start off a new year. You don’t want to make any major changes without the knowledge or consent of your employees, of course (the last thing you want is to confuse and frustrate your people when they get back). Rather, discuss these matters with your coworkers and determine whether there are ways to improve the office’s current configuration so it’s more efficient in the future. Depending on what changes must take place, some repair and construction projects may be in order. For instance, your company might decide it’s time to knock down a wall and create a more open floor plan. Or you might want to put up some walls to create a new room for additional meetings, recreation, etc.

Focus on the Floors

The floors in your office deserve your attention, even if you often take them for granted. Over the years, all types of flooring will endure normal wear and tear from regular foot traffic. Even if you regularly clean the floors in your common areas, they can harbor dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants deeper down (especially carpeting). Worn down floors also pose a threat to everyone’s safety, increasing the risk of slips, trips, and falls due to uneven and/or slick surfaces, fracturing, and so on. And, if nothing else, beaten up floors drag down your office’s atmosphere. You can do your workplace and your people a big favor this holiday season by repairing, resurfacing, or replacing your office flooring. Perhaps this is the year you get rid of those old carpets and install some fresh laminate flooring -- maybe you’ll apply new epoxy coatings to your concrete floors after filling any and all cracks.

Apply Fresh Paint to Walls and Ceilings

A new coat of paint can go a long way, both in terms of revitalizing your office’s appearance and protecting its surfaces from further deterioration. Before you even consider interior commercial painting, however, you might need to tackle some preliminary projects. For instance, if your office’s common areas currently don wallpaper (or some type of wall coverings), you’ll need to remove these coverings prior to painting. Moreover, you’ll likely need to fix up the underlying drywall after taking down said wallpaper. Unless you know how to repair drywall after removing wallpaper, you’ll want to hire professionals for this task. The bottom line is this: the surfaces in your office’s common areas must be prepared to receive fresh paint -- once they are, a high-quality paint job can make your office look good as new.

Install New Light Fixtures

Commercial painting isn’t the only intervention that can dramatically change the way your office looks inside. The way you light your office also has a major impact in this regard. Indeed, different lighting setups and selections can significantly alter the way a given paint color looks, so it’s often best to tackle fresh paint and fresh lighting in tandem. Color concerns aside, new lighting can make your office brighter on the whole and increase energy efficiency, saving your business money in the long run.

Show Your Office Windows Some Love

Windows are vital features in any office. Without clean, efficient windows, your office can quickly become drab and uncomfortable. Not only that -- deteriorating window frames can open paths for moisture and pests to gain entry. If it’s been a while since you did anything with your office windows, it might be time to replace them altogether. At the very least, show your people your appreciation by re-caulking every window frame and fixing up any damaged or deteriorating trim.

Restore Your Doors

How much do doors matter? As it turns out, doors matter quite a bit. Functionally, the value of doors is obvious enough -- they provide privacy and a portal from one area to another. However, the doors in your office also hold aesthetic value, and taking the time to update the doors in your common areas can make a bigger difference than you might realize. Door restoration projects typically involve removing the door from its frame, cleaning it, repairing it, sanding it, and coating it with varnish, sealer, paint, etc., before reattaching it (hardware is often replaced, too). Refinishing the solid wood front door that provides access to your office or restoring the door to your main conference room can create a renewed sense of importance in your workplace, reminding every employee, customer, and guest that you all take pride in your work.

Spreading Holiday Cheer with Office Repairs

As the holidays sneak up (as they do every year), office repairs and renovations may be the last things on your mind. However, investing in the beauty and integrity of your shared work spaces is one of the best ways to show your people how much you appreciate them and remind them that you’re all in this together. If you’re looking for repair specialists and/or commercial painting contractors to help you with any of these matters this holiday season, Nash Painting works year-round to exceed the expectations of our Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood, TN customers.

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