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Hiring a Painter: Finding the Right Fit to Paint Your Home

calander Dec 13 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

Your home is most likely your largest asset. As such, it’s paramount to prevent your property from fading and/or falling apart. Repainting your home is a crucial part of these maintenance and improvement efforts. Your home might not require a fresh coat of paint for 10-15 years after receiving its previous one, but the time will eventually come when investing in home painting is either necessary or at least preferable -- when this time arrives, you’ll have many avenues before you. You might attempt to paint your property yourself or choose from dozens (if not hundreds) of painting contractors in your area to tackle the project for you. Unless you have ample experience in this area, taking the latter route is usually best. That said, picking the right painter for your project isn’t always so easy, and it pays to take your time when making this call.

So, do you plan on hiring a painter sometime soon? Here’s our advice on finding the right fit to paint your home.

What to Look for When Hiring a Painter

Are They Licensed and Insured?

As with any endeavor, getting started is often the hardest part. Having some initial criteria in mind can help you narrow the field quickly and decisively without getting too far into the weeds so soon. When it comes to picking painters, one of the best places to start is by vetting their credentials, namely whether they’re licensed and insured. Treat these two qualifications as prerequisites for any residential painter you’re considering -- while painters might not be required by law to carry such credentials, those that lack them should raise a red flag during your search. Without a license, it’s difficult to gauge a painting company’s level of professionalism and aptitude. And without insurance, costs associated with any injuries, accidents, or other damages may end up falling on you rather than the painting service. If you’d rather avoid these liabilities, don’t bother with painters without both an official license and insurance agreement.

Explore Their Experience

While a license can say something about a painter’s experience, it doesn’t tell the whole story. And learning about that story is worthwhile. Indeed, the more experience a painter has under their belt, the more efficient their processes will be and the better equipped it will be to handle difficult and nuanced situations for your home. When examining a painter’s experience, look for duration, diversity, and depth -- that is to say, consider how long the company has been in business, the range of painting projects they have tackled during this time, and the intricacies of these various projects. Prioritize potential candidates that are able and willing to elaborate on their experience in these ways, whether via images and text on their website and social media platforms or via phone calls and email communications.

Are They Local?

Your search for home painting professionals will probably focus on local painters by default. After all, online searches for services tend to favor nearby results, and for good reason (you don’t want to hire painters that are hours away). That said, sticking with local businesses comes with more benefits than mere convenience. For one thing, painters within your community will have a closer knowledge of the local color and style trends that make a difference in the real estate market. On top of that, local painters tend to offer fair and flexible pricing when compared to nearby national enterprises. And, if nothing else, supporting local painting companies is a great way to support your community -- the money you spend on these services will go directly back into your neighborhood. If these matters mean something to you, then the best fit for your home will be a painting service that’s right in your area.

What’s Their Reputation

Before choosing a painter for your home project, you’ll of course want to see what others are saying about them. These days you’ll find plenty of information online via a variety of review sites, social media platforms, and search engines. Take the time to read the good, bad, and ugly (if applicable) about a potential painter to get a sense of their process, customer service, quality of results, transparency, and so on. If a painter has received nothing but glowing remarks or a bombardment of negative reviews, be wary -- either extreme might point to suspicious activity meant to paint the company in a positive or negative light. If you’re not sure who or what to trust online, it’s also a good idea to ask people you know and trust about their experiences with different painting contractors. Word of mouth remains a powerful tool for finding the best in the business.

What Are Their Service Offerings and Specializations?

The right painter for your project must offer the services that you want and need. In addition to needing straightforward interior or exterior home painting, you might require assistance with tasks such as:

  • Pressure washing
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Door refinishing
  • Color selection/consultation
  • Deck/fence staining or painting
  • Specialty coatings
  • Repair work
  • ...and more

Getting to know the range of services offered by various painting providers will help you further narrow your pool of candidates. While you can always hire other contractors to handle certain tasks, it’s often more cost-effective to hire a single company for all your home renovation needs, assuming said company has the proper equipment and experience to handle these matters.

What Products Do They Use?

Even if you don’t know much about different types of paint or application methods, it’s worth asking a painter about the products they use for the surface preparation and coating. Asking about the brand(s) of paint they prefer and why they prefer using it will reveal their expertise and teach you something in the process. Also, in terms of interior painting, ask whether they use zero- or low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint products, as these emit fewer odors and toxic materials in the air when applied and dried. Steer clear from painters that refuse to answer these questions or deliver vague responses, as this is a sign that they might use low-quality paints and applicators and/or not know much about paint types in the first place.

Cost Concerns

Money is always top of mind for any renovation. Ultimately, you want the project to fit into your budget without sacrificing the quality or longevity of the results. Going with the lowest bid without a second thought can come back to bite you, but going far beyond your budget can leave you in a difficult position as well. To find the right fit for your project, compare estimates from a handful of promising painters. As you compare these quotes, pay attention to their level of detail -- the more specified and transparent the estimate, the better. After all, you want to know exactly what you’ll be paying for when all is said and done and avoid hidden fees or complications.

Do They Suit Your Scheduling Needs?

Finally, the best candidate for your home painting project will be flexible enough to get the job done according to your schedule. Some homeowners will prefer to be present when interior house painters are inside their home, while others would rather be elsewhere to minimize interference. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to avoid working with a company that’s unwilling to accommodate your needs, so make sure you’re both on the same page before moving forward.

Hiring a Painter that’s Right at Home

Unless you’re prepared to tackle your painting project alone, you’ll have to hire a painter at some point. While this process comes with its challenges, focusing on the right things and asking the right questions will help you land on the right fit to paint your home. At Nash Painting, we’re proud to be considered the best fit for so many homeowners and business owners in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN thanks to our breadth of experience, range of service offerings, and commitment to quality results and customer service.

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