HOAs & Exterior Paint: Keeping Your Home HOA Compliant

calander Jun 12 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

There are plenty of plus-sides to being a part of a homeowners association (HOA): HOAs provide various amenities, aid in neighborhood cohesion and safety, offer mediation services, distribute maintenance costs, and more. That said, joining an HOA doesn’t free you from all responsibilities. In fact, HOA members are in some ways more accountable for their home’s condition than non-members and must also pay dues, undergo assessments, and run the risk of foreclosure by not adhering to the HOA’s rules.

So, if you’re already part of an HOA, or you’re thinking of joining one, proper compliance is key. And the state of your house exterior (among many other things) plays a major role in maintaining said compliance. Let’s go over how to keep your home HOA compliant with regards to its exterior paint job.

Understand the Rules

No two HOAs are exactly the same. The first step to achieving and maintaining HOA compliance is thoroughly understanding their specific rules, which will be laid out in its Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R). Before becoming a member, you’ll have to sign off on this document, agreeing to all of its terms and conditions, so take your time and go over every aspect.

You should find a section within this document regarding home maintenance requirements, with specific rules for exterior home painting. Here are some of the relevant conditions you might find within the section of your HOA’s CC&R.


First, your HOA might deem it necessary for you to receive express approval from them before making any significant changes to your home’s exterior. So, if you’re thinking about changing its color, adding a new coat, etc., you may need to get the go-ahead before you begin. Failing to do so may result in fines or other penalties.

Touch-Up/Maintenance Responsibilities

That said, your CC&R might also clearly indicate your responsibilities as a homeowner to make certain repairs and touch-ups, which may or may not require approval from the HOA. For instance, without needing the go-ahead, you may be responsible for touching up small areas of your home’s exterior paint job to maintain its appearance.

Required Types of Exterior House Paint

Though many different types of paint may be suited for exterior painting, your HOA might have specific guidelines on the quality, brand, and/or composition of the paint you use. The same goes for your interiors.

Allowable Exterior Paint Colors

Likewise, your HOA might have certain restrictions on exterior paint colors, typically in an attempt to unify the neighborhood’s aesthetic. If you wish to paint your home with a color that is not approved or listed in the CC&R, you will have to request approval from your HOA, knowing that your request may be denied.

Paint Scheduling

Your HOA may also limit the times of day and/or year during which it is acceptable for exterior home painting to take place (as well as other home renovations). Going outside of these scheduling parameters will result in your non-compliance, so make sure you’re properly planning the timing of your home improvements.

Contractor Selection

Lastly, you might not have your pick when it comes to hiring exterior painting services. Some HOAs are more or less strict than others when it comes to this matter. For instance, your HOA might recommend various professional exterior house painters but not restrict your decision as long as your contractors are licensed, insured, and able to meet all other compliance requirements -- in this way, the vendor acts as a third-party. Another HOA might have a handful of specific contractors you must pick from.

The various types of guidelines listed above may seem over-the-top and induce some headaches. However, as previously mentioned, every HOA has its own set of rules and perks, and for some, the benefits outweigh the restrictions. Whatever the case may be, if you’re part of an HOA, you have to remain compliant, and the experts at Nash Painting can help you do just that.

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