How Local Exterior Home Painters Can Better Meet Your Specific Needs

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It’s never a good idea to rush when making a decision as important as who you’ll hire to paint your home’s exterior. Exterior paint jobs can be costly, time-consuming, and they have major implications on your property’s curb appeal for many years to come. Knowing exactly what you want out of your exterior paint job is just as important as hiring the right contractor -- indeed, the two things go hand in hand. Not all painting services will be willing or able to accommodate your unique vision and requirements. While it might be tempting to hire the cheapest painting provider in your area, they might lack the necessary resources to get the job done properly, and they might use inferior products and processes. On the other hand, larger national painting companies might not give you the time of day or personalized attention you’re looking for.

When it comes down to it, looking for local help tends to provide better results, especially if you work with a reputable provider like Nash Painting (if you live in Nashville, Brentwood, or Franklin, TN). Let’s explore how local exterior home painters can better meet your specific needs compared to their larger competitors.

Local Exterior Painters Know What’s Trending in Your Area

Different exterior home colors and styles come in and out of fashion at various times. There are undoubtedly sweeping trends that permeate the entire country, but different regions often see unique trends within the broader scope of home design. Only those who live in a given area for a long enough time will have a sense of what these local trends look like. Local painters are strongly attuned to these exterior home trends because they’re constantly working in neighboring areas. So, if you’re trying to modernize your home to stick with the times, it’s best to bend the ear of a local painter who’s innately aware of which colors and finishes to consider. Some savvy non-local painters might be able to help in this regard as well, but you’re more likely to find this level of local knowledge from painters right in your backyard.

Local Painters Are Usually More Flexible

While larger painting companies tend to have more resources than their smaller, local counterparts, this bloat can bog them down in various ways. In some cases, you might have a hard time even getting on the phone with a representative of one of these national painting providers, let alone set up an exterior home painting project that fits your specific schedule. Local painters can usually better meet your scheduling needs because 1) they’re a short distance away and 2) they’re solely focused on a smaller pool of potential customers. If you live a hectic lifestyle with rigid timelines, then seek help from local painters first.

Local Home Painters Are Held More Accountable

No matter your specific needs, you, like everyone else, want nothing less than the best painting results for your home. While many painting companies promise (and deliver) quality results, you can never be sure until the fresh paint has fully dried on your house exterior. Generally speaking, larger painting companies have more room to make mistakes compared to local businesses. If a national painting business messes up, their entire reputation might only take a small hit; however, if a local painting provider makes a mistake, it could become a major blemish on their standing in the community. Ultimately, then, there is more at stake for local painters to guarantee quality results each and every time. In this way, local home painters are held more accountable for their work, which yields stronger communication and fairer pricing (which we’ll discuss later on). And whatever your needs, local painters are more likely to do whatever they can to meet them.

Local Painters Often Offer Free In-Person Estimates

What are your specific needs, anyway? It’s not always easy to answer that question, especially if you’ve never invested in an exterior painting project before. You might struggle to know where to even begin when preparing for such a project. Indeed, selecting the right exterior house paint and slapping it on is only the tip of the iceberg -- your home will also require a good washing and sanding, certain repairs might be necessary, and more. If handled by the painting service you hire, all of these preparatory tasks must be included in the project’s overall estimate. Receiving this estimate can be a burden, however, if you deal with a larger painting company, especially if they’re unable or unwilling to visit your home in person. Fortunately, most local painters will be happy to inspect your home firsthand and create an accurate estimate based on your needs and goals (usually at no additional charge). With this thorough estimate in hand, you can move forward with more confidence, knowing what the project entails.

Local Painters Can Work with Your Budget Better

Speaking of painting estimates, the primary purpose of an estimate is to give you a sense of what the project will cost in the end. This information will help you create and/or amend your budget accordingly. Still, you might simply lack the funds to cover the upfront costs of exterior home painting. If that’s the case, you’ll have a better chance negotiating prices with local painters than you will with national companies with rigid pricing structures. Moreover, local painting businesses tend to offer far more competitive pricing from the get-go, so you’ll likely get a better deal working with nearby painters than the alternative. In all of these ways, local exterior home painters can better meet your budgeting needs.

You Can Witness Previous Work of Local Residential Painters Firsthand

A little proof can go a long way, especially when it comes to hiring exterior home painting services. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to get an up close and personal look at previous projects completed by a given local painting contractor, so long as you know where to look. Seeing a freshly painted home firsthand can both inspire you to finally tackle that painting project you’ve been putting off and serve as a clear example of what a particular local painter can pull off. Perhaps you’ll see a nearby home with an impeccable paint job -- if it turns out that home was recently painted by a local company, it’s worth finding out who they are and making contact.

What Are Your Exterior Home Painting Needs?

At Nash Painting, we know that every paint job is different. What remains the same, however, is our commitment to quality, efficient processes, strong level of communication, and willingness to fit your scheduling and budget requirements. If you’re looking for local painters for your next project in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN, look no further than Nash Painting.

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