How Location Affects Your Home's Decor

calander Jun 22 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

A house doesn’t truly feel like a home until it’s been furnished, painted, and decorated in your desired image. But unless you have a strong sense of style and/or experience in interior design, making these decisions is easier said than done. If you’re not sure where to get started when it comes to home painting and decorating, it often helps to scope out your surroundings. Your location can play a key role in inspiring and informing your home’s aesthetic. Let’s explore how this relationship functions and the tangible steps you can take to decorate your home accordingly.

Color Coordination

You might not know exactly how you wish to furnish or decorate your home, but you can at least narrow down a color scheme to get started. As you mull over different colors and their interactions, think about the colors right outside your door. If you live in a wooded area, you might incorporate dark greens, rich browns, beiges, and greys. If you live by a body of water, aquatic colors like blues, teals, and greens will likely fit well in your home. And if you reside in a dry, desert-like area, you might have your interior painting services apply muted, earthy tones like clay, mahogany, and yellow.

Of course, coordinating your interior home aesthetic with your region’s natural colors is not a requirement, and you might dislike this method of environmental matching -- this is merely a recommendation for those struggling to get started.

Decorating with Regional Goods

There is no single way to decorate a home -- some people prefer a minimalist approach, while others like filling nearly every open space with something of interest. Regardless of your preferences in this regard, though, it’s worth at least thinking about the origin of your home’s furniture and decorations. Do you wish to purchase them online and/or from a major retailer? Or would you rather fill your home with locally-sourced items?

Regional styles can vary quite a bit, in no small part due to the cultural and economic realities of a given location. So, if you decide to shop local for your, say, carpets, shades, chairs, tables, shelves, decorative pieces, etc., expect these items to reflect your location in some way. This can happen unintentionally over time, or you can make a concerted effort to blend in and adopt the local styles.

Relevant Art and Photography

If you really want to stamp your home with your location, you can also hang regionally-relevant and/or locally-produced art and photography. There are many different ways to approach this location-based decoration, too. For instance, you might hang your own pictures that you took at nearby landmarks; you might purchase artwork from artists that grew up near your location; you might purchase contemporary artwork from living local artists; or you might do some combination of these things, reserving different areas of your home for different types of art and photography.

Location isn’t Everything

Ultimately, the degree to which location affects your home decor is up to you. You can ignore or embrace the regional colors, styles, and artwork that surround you. When decorating your home, it’s more important to focus on your personal tastes, consistency, and accents -- location may or may not factor into these aspects, and subtlety is often your friend. If you still need help figuring out what you want, most local painters can give you some input on how to make your home blend in more or less with your surroundings without going too far in either direction.

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