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How Nash Painting’s Exterior Painting Projects Save You Money Over a Lifetime

calander May 10 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

What does an exterior home painting project cost in the Nashville, TN, area? The answer, of course, will vary wildly depending on many factors -- the size of your home, the amount of paint used, the surface materials, project scope, time of year, and more. The most significant factor in determining the price of your exterior painting project, however, is often the painting company hired for the job. After all, the details regarding your home’s size and needs won’t change. And yet, if you receive estimates from a handful of different candidates, you’ll likely find some key differences in the project’s proposed total cost from one painter to the next. What accounts for these differences in price? Simply put: quality, a term that encapsulates many additional attributes, such as knowledge, experience, reliability, transparency, and efficiency.

At Nash Painting, the quality of our painting services is the reason we’ve established, maintained, and continue to grow our client base across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN. Moreover, our exterior painting projects have helped our customers save money on maintenance, repairs, and touch-ups over the long term. In this article, we’ll discuss how our exterior painting projects (and all of our offerings, for that matter) can save you money over a lifetime.

How Painting Projects Save Money in the Long Run

Cost vs. Quality: What Matters Most?

We just briefly went over the relationship between cost and quality when it comes to exterior painting projects. Now, let’s take this idea a bit further. If you’re preparing to invest in any type of home renovation, your first consideration will likely be cost. Most of us are on a strict budget, and while periodic interior & exterior painting may be a solid investment (and in some cases quite necessary), shelling out thousands of dollars for these projects about every 5-7 years is no small thing. To stay within your budget range, you might prioritize painters who offer the lowest price point for a particular service. While this approach can save you some cash in the short term, it can squeeze your long-term finances more than you might realize; this is where quality comes into play.

If money were a non-issue, we would all prefer to work with a painting provider that delivers the highest-quality results. Of course, high-quality painters tend to charge more for their services for several reasons. For one thing, reputable painters have more leverage in the market. Those companies with stellar reputations are in higher demand, which allows them to charge more for their services. Additionally, these distinguished professionals use better, more durable products (e.g., exterior house paint) for everything they do, and some of the cost of said premium products will get passed on to the customer. Quality painting services also often invest more in their employees (e.g., recruitment, training, benefits, etc.) and can afford to hire a larger team, which means the job gets done more efficiently but involves more labor in total. All of these perks certainly translate to higher upfront costs, but they also translate to better, longer-lasting, more beautiful results. By dishing out more for higher-quality painting service, you receive the long-term benefits of increased curb appeal and property value, fewer repairs and touch-ups, and less intensive maintenance over time.

So, is there a clear winner in the battle between cost and quality? If you take the long view (and can afford to extend your budget in the short term), it makes more sense to prioritize quality results over a cheaper estimate.

The Best of Both Worlds

Not everything needs to be so black and white, though. You don't need to go bankrupt or sacrifice quality results to paint your home. The optimal approach to painting your house exterior is to find a provider that offers both reasonable rates and excellent results. At Nash Painting, our costs are competitive, and our value is unparalleled. Not only do we use the best paint products and hire the best people -- we also offer a wide range of preparatory and supplemental services such as exterior power washing, repairs, and deep surface preparation to ensure the best results with maximum longevity. No matter how specific or specialized your needs may be, our teams can handle them efficiently.

If you’re still concerned about cost, however, let’s paint a picture of how our exterior painting services can save you money year after year.

Breaking Down the Savings

Let’s say there are two neighbors who both live in century-old homes passed down through the generations. The neighbor on the left is on a tight budget and can only spend about $5,000 on their exterior paint job. In just 2-4 years, however, their home could already use touching up. Meanwhile, the right-hand neighbor chooses Nash Painting for an exterior project similar in scope and scale, costing closer to $12,000. While this neighbor ended up spending more than twice as much as their counterpart, the resulting paint job looks better and, more importantly, lasts much longer -- anywhere from 12 to 18 years.

If we extrapolate the information above across another 100 years, the left-hand neighbor’s home will need to be repainted between 25 and 50 times, amounting to a total cost of $125-$250,000. Conversely, the family that went with Nash Painting will only require repainting about 5-8 times in this 100-year span, totalling to $67-$100,000. There are additional cost implications here as well -- the more a home is repainted, the thicker and thicker the exterior becomes as additional paint layers accumulate. Eventually, an expensive paint restoration project ($20-$30,000 in total) will be necessary to remove all these layers, repair the underlying surfaces, and start fresh. Taking this restoration project out of the equation, the household that went with Nash Painting still ends up saving between 40% and 56% compared to their neighbor. And with the restoration project in mind, the Nash Painting neighbor will have saved between $83,000 and $175,000 over this 100 years, which boils down to an average savings of $830-$1,750 annually for the typical homeowner.

As enticing as these long-term savings may sound, however, most homeowners will struggle to think about the years and decades ahead when creating and sticking to a budget. Fortunately, financing options can relieve this burden and keep you focused on the bigger picture. At Nash Painting, going with a financing plan for this hypothetical $12,000 project at 10% interest for 10 years will still save you thousands in the end when compared to what you might end up paying if you go with a lesser painting company.

Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Exterior painting projects are often expensive no matter where you live. The whole point of painting or repainting your home, however, is to protect its integrity and enhance its appearance for many years to come. Choosing an unreliable painter to save some money upfront is unlikely to provide your home with the long-lasting results you’re looking for. At Nash Painting, our prices are a reflection of our commitment to excellence. Rely on our experienced team to provide your home with the beautiful and durable paint job it deserves, and enjoy the significant long-term cost savings that come with this guaranteed longevity. To learn more about us, our hassle free painting services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!