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How to Choose Interior House Paint Colors for Your Multipurpose Room

calander Jan 4 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Traditional homes typically consist of various rooms with distinct designations -- the kitchen is for cooking, the dining room is for eating, the bedroom is for sleeping, and so on. While this design paradigm still dominates most houses today, homes with open floor plans and/or modern design often feature at least one room that wields more than one purpose (or that allows for the opportunity to create such a space). A multipurpose room might double as a kitchen/dining room combo or a bedroom/home office. Some multipurpose rooms can be used in more than two ways -- consider a basement that is one part recreation room, another part office, and another part guest bedroom.

If multipurpose rooms are somewhat foreign to your sensibilities, these spaces might seem cluttered, confused, and high-maintenance. With the right design philosophy, however, a multipurpose room can become a beautiful, convenient, versatile staple of your household. Deciding how to paint such a space is a solid first step for turning the average room into something truly special. Whether you’ll be painting new walls and ceilings or updating a previously-painted space, here’s our advice for choosing interior house paint colors for your multipurpose room.

Define the Purposes of Your Multipurpose Room

When selecting paint colors for your multipurpose room, it makes sense to start by figuring out how you wish to utilize this space. Let’s say you wish to convert your bedroom into a pseudo-living space and home office. Now, instead of thinking about colors in one dimension (i.e. “bedroom), you must think in terms of three dimensions (bedroom, living room, office). The color(s) you may have chosen before might not translate to this room’s renewed sense of purpose -- a dark green, for instance, might have worked well when the room was solely for sleeping, but it might be too dark for the living room and/or home office portion of this area. By defining the various uses of your multipurpose room, you can begin to narrow your color choices based on their optimization for these multiple purposes.

Designate Areas of Your Room via Contrasting Colors

There is no single or “correct” approach to painting a multipurpose room. Some homeowners prefer to paint this type of room a single color or at least stick with a fluid color scheme. Others, however, might use disparate colors to visually separate areas of their multipurpose room. Doing so is a powerful way to signal the different uses for this room without putting up physical barriers (which would sort of defeat the purpose of a multipurpose room anyway). For example, a basement might simultaneously serve as a small library, home theater, and laundry room. These three purposes don’t exactly gel, so choosing distinct paint colors for each section can make the room feel like three in one. You might go with a sunny yellow for your reading area, a mahogany paint for your entertainment center, and a neutral tone for your laundry section. The tricky part of nailing this approach is choosing colors that contrast with one another but don’t clash.

Match the Mood of Your Multipurpose Room

Whether you take the single-color-scheme approach or select distinct colors for different parts of your multipurpose room, your selections should be informed by the desired atmosphere of this space and its different components. Much of this comes down to personal preference, of course -- one person’s ideal living room might feature lighter tones while another is darker and moodier. Take some time to determine your likes and dislikes and compare them against what makes the most sense for your multipurpose room.

Perform Plenty of Color Tests

One of the best ways to discover your feelings about a particular residential interior painting color or color scheme is to test a variety of color swatches. Additionally, you can use online augmented reality (AR) color visualizer tools to virtually paint photos of your multipurpose room so you can get a sense of what it might look like with different choices. None of these methods is perfect, of course, but you should always test a color before settling on it.

Consider the Effects of Lighting

As you test out different colors for your multipurpose room, pay attention to the ways in which different lighting setups affect the way a paint color and finish looks in context. The exact same color will look one way under natural lighting and another under artificial lighting, and so on. If you plan on altering the lighting configuration in this room, do so in tandem with your color selection process so everything appears the way you want it to.

Track Current Interior Painting Trends

If you’re really stuck on how to select interior paint colors, there’s no shame in taking some inspiration from interior color trends in your region and beyond. You’ll find plenty of images of modern multipurpose rooms with a simple online search. And as you search, you’ll notice that there is a wide variety of layouts and color choices to consider. In other words, trends aren’t as clear-cut as you might think. Still, with so many examples out there, you’re bound to find some that match your style and the sorts of things you’d want to do with your multipurpose room.

Think Beyond the Paint Job

Home interior painting is all about context -- the paint colors you choose won’t exist in a vacuum. Rather, these colors will play off of the room’s surrounding elements, such as furniture, accessories, and decor. If your multipurpose room is already outfitted with the decor you like, the color(s) you choose should be informed by these features. You might decide to match certain elements and contrast others to create a strong color scheme. Conversely, if you plan on redecorating and reconfiguring the entire space, you should think about your color choices and decor choices as one entity -- one should inform the other. This means you might start with a paint color you really like and then choose design elements to go with it, or vice versa. Whatever the case, keep the big picture in mind for your multipurpose room (and any room, for that matter).

When in Doubt, Get an Expert’s Opinion

In the end, you still might not be sure about your color choices or even where to begin, and that’s okay. A number of residential interior painting services can help you navigate this difficult task. At Nash Painting, we offer color consultations to ensure that you end up with the multipurpose room of your dreams. We’ve helped countless homeowners and business owners across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN enhance their properties inside and out. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!