How to Choose Kid-Friendly Paint

calander May 29 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

Choose Paint With Your Kids' Safety In Mind

If you have children, you know that their health and happiness factor into virtually every decision you make. So, when it’s time to hire residential painting services to revamp your home, you want to ensure that the products used are safe and well-suited for your kids without sacrificing quality or your own aesthetic preferences. Achieving this balance might seem overwhelming, but it’s possible if you make the right considerations. Here’s how to choose kid-friendly interior house paint for your next project.

Where is the Paint Going?

First, you have to think about the purpose and placement of a given paint job. Rooms that are off-limits to your kids don’t necessarily have to rely on a kid-friendly approach. On the other hand, areas that are predominantly used by your kids, such as their bedrooms, recreation rooms, entryways, and hallways, must take this activity into consideration. In other words, you might only invest in kid-friendly paint for a portion of your entire project. Understanding the scope of this undertaking will help you or your interior painting services purchase the optimal amounts of each type of paint.

Look for a Long-Lasting Paint

No matter what room you’re painting, you want the paint to last as long as possible and withstand various threats. When it comes to choosing kid-friendly paint, the same principle applies, especially when you consider how active children can be. Because they tend to be so active, kids are more likely to damage the paint around them (via impact, marking, spills, etc.). So, if you want the paint in your kids’ rooms to hold up, it’s worth investing in the most durable types of paint on the market. Both acrylic and oil-based paints are usually regarded as the most durable options, but oil paints come with their own caveat that might make them not so kid-friendly, which we will discuss next.

Go for Non-Toxic Options

Over the years, all paint manufacturers have made their formulas more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and safer to be around. That said, the best interior painting contractors will mention that some paints are deemed more kid-friendly than others when it comes to potential toxicity. The main factor to consider in this regard is a paint’s VOC (volatile organic compounds) rating.

VOCs are natural and artificial chemicals with high vapor pressures and strong scents (such as formaldehyde) that may be present in paint products. If present, these VOCs are gradually emitted from the paint and linger in the air to be potentially inhaled by those nearby. While not all VOCs are dangerous to humans, some can lead to long-term health problems and harm the environment. Ideally, when choosing kid-friendly paint (or any paint for that matter), you want to go for those that are low in VOCs or contain zero VOCs.

Consider How Color Affects Kids

Toxicity and durability should be your main focuses when picking kid-safe paint. However, composition isn’t everything -- consider color, too. Different colors have different effects on our moods and behaviors, and these effects may be amplified in children. Blue, for instance, might be calming and/or increase focus, while yellow might increase energy levels and feelings of joy. Whatever the case may be, think about which colors your kids would want in their rooms and play areas. You might ask them or consult professional designers with experience in these matters.

Choosing paint can be challenging enough, and even more so when kids are involved. If you need help navigating this maze, work with an experienced Nashville painting company that’s committed to client satisfaction and family values: Nash Painting. To find out more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!