How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer

calander Mar 23 , 2022 user-icon Nash Painting

When your property’s exterior is looking grimy, blasting it with a pressure washer is the most efficient way to restore its appearance and protect it from further deterioration. That said, not everyone has instant access to a pressure washer, and there are many kinds of washers available to rent or purchase. Navigating all the nuances between different pressure washers is enough to make anyone’s head spin, especially those unfamiliar with this type of equipment. Breaking down the primary differences between pressure washers will help you make the right choice.

Here’s how to choose the best pressure washer for your unique needs.

How to Choose a Pressure Washer

What’s Your Budget?

Pressure washers range in price significantly. On the lower end, you can find washers for under $200 – you can also spend upwards of $3,000 on one (these are typically for industrial or commercial use). The reasons for this massive price discrepancy have to do with size/capacity, power source (gas vs. electric), construction, range, mobility, and more. Generally speaking, more expensive pressure washing equipment will offer superior efficiency for a wider variety of applications. That said, most homeowners won’t require the power afforded by these commercial, gas-powered pressure washers. Moreover, most individuals operate on a relatively strict budget. Anyone who’s trying to keep costs low will typically want to look for an electric washer. And if you only plan on performing exterior power washing about once a year, it might be more cost-effective to rent a pressure washer as opposed to buying and maintaining one for minimal use.

What Needs Washing?

Whether or not finances are your main concern, you must also keep in mind how you plan to use a given pressure washer when seeking the optimal one. Every job is unique, and different surfaces and features may require a specific approach to cleaning that only certain washers and attachments can achieve. If you plan to pressure wash your gutters, for instance, you’ll benefit from a relatively small and mobile washer with a gutter cleaning attachment. If your home is relatively large, you might go for a more powerful pressure washer to cover more surface area in less time. Some cleaning jobs are best performed with specific temperature settings, too – pressure washers that offer hot settings are ideal for removing stubborn grime from sturdy surfaces. Some materials can’t handle the heat, however, and hot pressure washing isn’t always necessary in the first place. The bottom line: knowing what you plan on cleaning will help you determine which features matter most in your pressure washer.

Who’s Operating the Pressure Washer?

In order to achieve the best outcomes and maximize safety protocols, knowing how to properly operate a given pressure washer is crucial. Though every pressure washer works similarly, different devices feel different based on their size, length, weight, power level, mobility, and so on. If you’re not familiar with a particular pressure washer, it can become unwieldy, which is both hazardous and less than ideal if you wish to clean your exterior efficiently. The best pressure washer for your needs will be one that you can wrap your head around and quickly get a feel for. When in doubt, hiring pressure washing services will save you the trouble of making costly errors. These professionals will either bring their own equipment with them or use yours – either way, they’ll know how to use the pressure washer safely and effectively.

The Best Pressure Washer for a Clean, Beautiful Exterior

Though some pressure washers are doubtless better than others according to certain metrics, the best one for your project might not be the best one for someone else’s. Finding the right fit requires understanding your budget and goals. At Nash Painting, our commercial and residential pressure washing services are specifically catered to each customer’s needs. Our experts are familiar with all types of pressure washers, so you can count on us to bring the right tools and expertise to the table. Countless homeowners and business owners across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN can attest to the power of our processes.

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