How to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Nursery

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Your child’s (or children’s) nursery is an important space for their development. Ideally, your baby’s nursery should be soothing in some ways and stimulating in others -- a place that encourages playfulness and peaks curiosity while also allowing for those much-needed naps. Achieving this delicate balance requires the proper design, and color is at the center of it all. So, when it comes time to start painting those new walls and ceilings in preparation for your new baby, here’s how to choose the perfect color for their nursery.

How to Pick the Best Color for Your Nursery

Choose Colors for Comfort

If you’re wondering how to select interior paint colors for your nursery or in general, having a little background in color psychology can go a long way. While this realm of science is riddled with debate, researchers have nonetheless discovered interesting relationships between certain colors and states of mind. The color red, for instance, tends to stimulate the mind and body, while blue is usually viewed as calming. Color qualities such as saturation can also have different psychological effects -- highly saturated colors, for instance, can become irritating over time as they overwhelm the senses. While no one can say for sure (yet) whether these connections are also made in a child’s mind, there’s a strong possibility that a nursery’s color scheme indeed affects their mood. If you wish to establish a comforting space for your child, consider going with interior house paint colors associated with tranquility, such as muted shades of green, blue, and purple.

Use Decor as a Springboard

Knowing a thing or two about how colors might affect mood is a great place to start, but in order to narrow your search for the perfect color(s), you’ll need other key benchmarks. And if you’ve already picked out furniture and decor for your nursery, you already have a head start for residential interior painting. Simply put, the color of your decor can (and often should) inform your paint color choices, as long as there is some sort of theme and/or connective palette present. Of course, if you’re not planning on decorating your nursery until after you’ve painted it, this becomes a moot point.

Take Trends into Account

Every new parent can feel like they’re on an island as the due date approaches. This is, after all, a major experience for each individual. The good news, of course, is that you’re not alone in becoming a parent -- many have already reached this milestone before you. As such, there are countless examples to take into consideration regarding every aspect of child-rearing, including tasks such as setting up your home nursery. Even if you aren’t close with any recent parents, you can find oceans of examples of fully-decorated nurseries online for inspiration. While you might not come across an exact model of what you wish to accomplish, viewing enough of these examples can help you better identify your preferences and come up with a unique color and design scheme for your nursery. Doing so can also help you answer questions you might have, such as, “should I paint my walls and ceiling the same color?” or “should I consider an accent wall or mural in my nursery?” by providing clear visual aids. So, take a look at what’s trending for nurseries these days -- you might just get inspired.

It’s also fine to buck the trends and go your own way! If this route is more up your alley, check out these five out-of-the-box ideas for nursery decor.

Play it Safe with Lighter, Neutral Colors

When thinking of home nurseries, you might have a certain image in your head -- soft pastel colors, stuffed animals, a white crib, etc. This archetypical nursery is valid and might even be exactly what you’re aiming for. However, there’s no need to feel compelled to decorate your nursery in this standard way. While you don’t want to make your nursery too stale or corporate, there’s something to be said for neutral colors like white, beige, and light gray -- both for aesthetic and practical reasons.

For one thing, these light, neutral colors create a sort of blank backdrop that allows other features and colors to pop. White walls, for instance, will allow the colors of your nursery’s shelving, toys, artwork, and accessories to stand out on their own. The same goes for other neutral shades (though you probably want to steer clear from black). Gray might not be the first color that comes to mind when imagining a nursery, but when contrasted with white trim and colorful decor, gray walls can make for a soothing nursery that’s bright enough during playtime and dark enough for sleeping when the lights go out.

There is another practical advantage to light, neutral nurseries, too -- namely, that choosing these tones makes it easier to transform your space if and when the time comes. As your child grows, their nursery will likely turn into the bedroom of a toddler, then an adolescent, and so on. These changes in development will often be accompanied by a change in preference and aesthetic. In other words, the color scheme, furnishings, and other decor of this room should change over time. By starting with neutral interior colors, these changes might not be as drastic as they would if you began with greens, pinks, blues, and other, brighter nursery colors. And if your child does want to repaint their walls down the road, painting over lighter colors is much easier (and more cost-effective) than painting over darker and more saturated colors. For these reasons, choosing light and neutral colors for your nursery can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run.

Ask the Experts

Even with all this advice, you might struggle to make color choices for your nursery. You won't be alone, either. As we’ve discussed many times, color selection is one of the most difficult processes for any interior painting project, and nursery painting is no exception. So, if you need help from the very start or just want some affirmation from an objective party so you’re more confident in your decision, consult with professional interior painting services who have plenty of experience with painting nurseries. The experts at Nash Painting have helped countless homeowners and soon-to-be parents across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN, make the right color choices for their properties, inside and out.

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