How to Decorate a Stunning Office

calander Apr 7 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

While an office is primarily a place to get work done, it also serves as an important physical foundation for a company’s culture. Indeed, the more comfortable employees feel at their workplace and with one another, the better they’ll perform. And in order to cultivate this unified culture, businesses must consider the atmosphere of their office. An outdated, drab interior can stifle morale and repel customers and guests. On the other hand, a bright, modern aesthetic with fresh interior painting can exude positivity among everyone inside.

So, does your work environment need an update? Here are some tips for decorating a stunning office.

Make a Game Plan

Once you’ve decided to transform your office space, you might want to hit the ground running. No one would blame you, but it pays to slow down and strategize. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What are you trying to achieve by redecorating?
  • Will small changes do, or is a complete overhaul in order, and why?
  • If you change one thing (i.e. lighting), how will that affect other parts of your office (i.e. paint colors)?
  • How long will it take to achieve your vision, and will this project cause major disruptions?
  • Will you have to hire/outsource to get the best results (i.e. Nashville painters, interior designers, extra muscle, etc.)?
  • How do your employees feel about changing up the office’s look and layout? Should you get their input first?

Those are just a few considerations to prioritize before diving headfirst into a major project. The more prepared you are and the clearer your vision, the better.

Try New Colors

Office decor involves more than just paint; the colors of your walls, ceilings, and other painted surfaces set the tone for your interior’s whole atmosphere. With this in mind, you might begin your office transformation by hiring interior painting services to change up its color scheme. If you’re not sure which colors will work best, your contractor might be able to give you some ideas. Also, consider the nature of your company and its culture. Is it more buttoned-up (consider beiges, greys, and other neutral tones) or is it looser (perhaps blues, greens, and oranges would work)?

Let the Light In

When choosing paint colors, keep in mind that light plays a role in determining its appearance throughout the day. Also consider that, if possible, letting natural light into your office can make your office look and feel bigger, energize everyone inside, and boost productivity in the process. So, don’t be afraid to change up your drapes and push them aside to let the light in. And if you’re concerned about how different lighting setups will affect your paint colors, consult your local interior painters prior to painting.

Introduce Some Life!

Offices are, by their nature, indoors. This is fine when the weather outside is crummy. But on nice days, most employees will yearn to get outside. Of course, shifting an operation onto the lawn isn’t feasible for many companies. Fortunately, you can provide a taste of nature inside your office by scattering some plant life throughout. A little greenery goes a long way in keeping people focused and satisfied and brightening up a room. Go for the real deal, too. Fake plants are easier to take care of, obviously, but they don’t exhibit the same qualities of a living specimen. Just make sure that you have the resources to maintain each and every plant you bring inside.

Move Some Furniture Around

Your office’s layout is just as important as its looks (they’re related, too). If your current furniture setup is restrictive, sloppily organized, and/or simply outdated, shifting things around can make a major difference in how employees feel about their situation and how they interact with one another. For instance, rearranging your space into a more open, circular layout can encourage collaboration and foster creativity. Of course, your business might benefit more from a traditional, box-like arrangement. Even still, you might think about reserving a portion of your office for a more communal setup so employees can switch things up and work together more closely on certain projects.

Be Proud to Show Off Your Office

Changing up your office is a big decision, but it’s often worth the effort. Partner up with a Nashville painting company to help you realize your vision and improve your workplace. Nash Painting handles every part of the commercial painting process, including helping clients with color selection, preparing rooms and surfaces accordingly, and using the highest quality paint products to coat an interior.

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