How to Embrace Vaulted Ceilings

calander Jan 7 , 2022 user-icon Nash Painting

Compared to vaulted ceilings, standard ceilings fall flat – literally. Though not everyone is a fan of the roof-like look for interior spaces, a vaulted ceiling can add a lot of character to a home when its unique design is taken advantage of. Strategic interior painting, lighting, and room layout can help make the most out of a vaulted ceiling, regardless of its particular shape (i.e., domed, arched, barreled, or ribbed) or height. Let’s outline the best ways to embrace your vaulted ceiling to your home’s overall benefit.

How to Improve Your Vaulted Ceiling

Apply Paint to Last

Whether you’re tasked with painting your ceiling for the first time or it’s time to refresh its appearance, you won’t want to make a habit of this particular task. Home interior painting can be stressful enough when it only involves walls and other surfaces well within your reach. Vaulted ceilings, however, are way up high and at an angle on both sides, presenting a challenge (and safety risk) for those tasked with painting them. As such, it’s best to hire professional painters to coat your vaulted ceilings. Moreover, make sure high-quality paint is used and that it’s applied properly – the better the paint job, the longer it will last so you can enjoy your vaulted ceiling without having to worry about repainting it or touching it up in the near future.

Use Color to Control How Big Your Space Feels

Speaking of painting, should you paint your walls and ceiling the same color? Well, if you want to make your interior space look even bigger than it already does, then this is a good strategy. If, however, you want to visually lower your vaulted ceiling, you might consider painting it a darker color than the surrounding walls. There’s no right answer here – rather, the way you incorporate colors within a given space can make it look and feel more open or enclosed. Knowing this, you can exercise more control over how your vaulted ceiling looks in context.

Shine a Light on Your Spacious Room

Vaulted ceilings create the prime opportunity to level up the lighting inside your home. Not only does the added headroom afforded by these tall ceilings naturally allow for more light to enter – the additional wall space can be used for tall, wide windows. The angular nature of these ceilings also works well for skylights and artificial lighting setups. If you want to make your space look and feel even larger, there are so many ways to take advantage of these lighting opportunities. The way you light your space can also help you determine how to select interior paint colors for different surfaces.

Configure the Room with Your Vaulted Ceiling in Mind

Your vaulted ceiling should also inform how you set up your furniture and decor. Think about which features fit best in corners where the ceiling is lower and where other features might benefit from standing directly under the highest point of your ceiling. You might hang a ceiling fan or chandelier from the peak of your vaulted ceiling and paint one of the smaller walls a different color to emphasize the pointed or arched nature of this surface. There are no limits as to what you can accomplish via residential interior painting, lighting, and room configuration when it comes to making the most of your vaulted ceiling.

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