How to Keep Your High-Traffic Entertainment Room Free of Scuffs and Scratches

calander Aug 8 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

So, you’ve recently transformed your basement or extra bedroom into the entertainment center of your dreams. Maybe you’ve installed a high-powered projector or huge TV, automatic reclining chairs, a pool table, etc. No matter how you configure this area, there’s no doubt that it will receive a lot of use by family and friends alike. And while you might initially think “the more the merrier,” you might take a step back when you realize how easily your walls and other surfaces can get marked up in such a high-traffic space. You don’t want to sacrifice a good time, of course, but you also don’t want to regularly have to invest in paint touch-ups and drywall repair jobs. Fortunately, there’s a happy medium here. If scuffs and scratches are things you don’t wish to entertain in your high-traffic recreational room, here are some ways to prevent them.

How to Maintain an Entertainment Room

Invest in High-Quality Paint

We’ve relayed this message many times before, but it bears repeating: if you want your surfaces to withstand whatever pressures they face, proper surface preparation and coating are key. Not only must you prime your surfaces for painting and apply proper technique when painting, but you must also choose a durable and reliable paint from the start. Indeed, not all types of interior house paint are created equal. While you might balk at the price of certain premium products, don’t reach for the cheapest option, either. Low-quality paints don’t cost as much, but they also don’t provide as much protection from impact, moisture, temperature fluctuations, or other threats. High-quality paints aren’t immune to scuffs and scratches either, but it takes a lot more to leave a mark and a lot less to amend it. Simply put, better paint means less maintenance and more peace of mind for the long term.

Select Colors and Finishes that Minimize Flaws

Paint quality notwithstanding, you must also consider details such as color and finish if you wish to prevent serious scuffs and scratches. If you’re wondering how to select interior paint colors for your entertainment room, color preference isn’t the only part of the equation. Keep in mind that certain colors will reveal flaws more or less than others. White paint, for instance, will easily show scuffs and other marks. Black paint, on the other hand, will do a much better job hiding these imperfections. Most people won’t opt to paint their interior spaces black, but other colors will likewise conceal certain flaws.

The paint finish you choose will also have implications on whether or not scuffs and scratches make an appearance, as well as how easy it is to remove them. Flatter finishes, for instance, do a better job at hiding imperfections than their glossier counterparts, but they’re also less durable and harder to maintain. High-gloss finishes are well-protected from scuffs and scratches but also deliver a strong glare that may not be suitable for your entertainment center. Satin finishes (which fall in between flat and glossy) provide a practical compromise, offering durability without the excessive sheen.

Keep Your Furniture Covered

Scratch and scuff prevention involves more than just paint selection. After all, furniture is the main culprit of these surface problems. Any moving furniture in your entertainment room can end up marking up your walls if certain precautions aren’t taken. For starters, consider dressing any hard furniture with soft slipcovers. These coverings will reduce any abrasive impact should a chair or table come into contact with your walls. If you don’t like the look of slipcovers or simply want additional protection, consider installing rubber bumpers to the backs of your furniture -- these will produce the same buffering effect.

Place Non-Slip Mats Underneath Furniture

Another way to keep your furniture away from your walls is to place high-traction mats or rugs underneath them. These mats provide extra friction that prevents your furniture from slipping and skidding across your floors. Best of all, these floor additions can also enhance your entertainment room’s interior aesthetic.

Install Chair Rails and Baseboards

You can further protect your walls from scuffs and scratches by installing trim in strategic areas. Tall baseboards will prevent shoes and furniture legs from rubbing against your walls, and chair rails provide a protruding horizontal barrier along your interior walls. If you decide to invest in chair rails, make sure they’re positioned a bit lower than the shortest piece of furniture in the room. Some house painting contractors may even offer trim installation services if you’d prefer to hire one provider for all of your interior needs.

Don’t Forget Doorstops

Doors and door knobs can also do a number on your walls and floors, especially when flung open with abandon. First, make sure your doors are between ½ inch and ¾ inch from the floor to prevent scraping. Maintain your door’s hinges so they open and close properly and not on their own. Invest in doorstops in your entertainment room to prevent doors from making contact with their adjacent walls. And lastly, consider installing wall stops that are the same height as your door knobs to prevent the knobs from scuffing, denting, or punching a hole through walls.

Apply a Transparent Wall Shield

As a last resort or ultimate protective measure, you might look into transparent wall shields. When properly applied, these coverings won’t alter the appearance of your interior space, all the while providing a barrier that protects your walls from scuffs, scratches, spills, stains, and more. Talk to your residential interior painting provider about these invisible shields before purchasing one or having it installed -- some products are easier to install/remove and more effective than others.

Stop Scuffs and Scratches in Their Tracks

Rooms that undergo plenty of activity are prone to scuffs and scratches. While some of these issues are simply unavoidable, there’s so much you can do to minimize the risk of these inconveniences. At Nash Painting, we have the tools and expertise to help keep your high-traffic entertainment room (and any other room) free of scuffs, scratches, and additional problems. We offer interior painting, carpentry, trim repair, and many other services to clients across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!