How to Know if a Painted Brick Fireplace will Look Good in My Home

calander Mar 15 , 2022 user-icon Nash Painting

Home design decisions can be difficult to make, especially when it comes to semi-permanent additions like a painted brick fireplace. Even if your home already features a fireplace, painting its brick surfaces should not be taken lightly. Though painted brick is easier to clean and care for than bare brick, removing paint from brick requires immense effort which often damages the surface in the process. So, once you’ve painted a brick surface, you’re locked into a long-term commitment. Before taking this leap, then, you’ll want to know that your design decision will truly pay off. Here are some ways to know whether a painted brick fireplace will look good in your home.

How to Tell Your Brick Fireplace Looks Good

You Want Your Fireplace to Blend In

A fireplace has a tendency to make itself the center of attention inside a given room. No matter how much you love this feature, however, you might not want it to suck up so much energy. Instead, you might prefer to seamlessly blend it with the rest of the room – you can achieve this with some strategic interior painting, using the same color for your brick fireplace as the surrounding wall. Some online tools that let you experiment with virtual paint colors can help you imagine what your fireplace would look like donning the same color as the other walls in your space.

You Want Your Fireplace to Stand Out

Conversely, you might love that your fireplace sticks out. In fact, you might want your fireplace to make even more of a statement. If so, a painted brick fireplace might also be for you. Of course, in this case, you would want to paint your fireplace with a contrasting color, much like you would when creating an accent wall. Once again, virtual painting apps can help give you a glimpse into your vision before making the final call.

Your Fireplace is Dating Your Interior

Fireplaces provide any room with a classic, rustic appeal. That said, if your fireplace is older or constructed with an older style in mind, it can make your space feel a bit outdated. Fortunately, modernizing your home doesn’t require that you remove your fireplace – you might simply need to update your fireplace with a fresh coat of paint to give it more modern appeal. Pay attention to current residential interior painting trends, as these apply to indoor fireplaces, too. Right now, most modern homes with fireplaces opt for the streamlined look as mentioned above (i.e., painting the fireplace the same color as the wall behind it). Many homeowners also decide to whitewash their interior fireplaces rather than fully paint it for a modern yet rustic design.

When in Doubt, Ask the Experts

The situations outlined above describe instances in which it might make sense to paint your brick fireplace. Still, you might have reservations. After all, you won’t really know how well a painted brick fireplace will look until all is said and done. As such, it’s worth getting some advice from experienced professionals before making the final call. These experts can respond to all of your questions and concerns, including, how long painted brick lasts, how to properly care for painted brick, how different paint colors will interact with one another, and so on. Brick painting is just one of our many specialties at Nash Painting. We’ve transformed the brick exteriors and interior surfaces of countless homes across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN.

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